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Robert Turman / Macro / Vinyl LP / La délirante / LDLP01

Robert Turman / Macro / Vinyl LP / La délirante / LDLP01


Artist: Robert Turman

Title: Macro

Format: Vinyl LP, Limited Edition

Label: La delirante

Catalogue #: LDLP01

Country: Italy

Date Released: Sept. 28, 2015


"Macro was originally going to be titled Roots, because it really goes back to what I was doing 40 years ago, just more modernized technique. I had always taken small snippets of tape and records, repeated them, slowed down, modified, and layered etc, Macro was all done on the computer. I'd been thinking about how in the old days, pop songs were always between two and three minutes long. Most of my music has always been longer extended pieces. I wanted to recreate the feel of noise in the pop song format, so I specifically created an album's worth of songs, all at exactly three minutes, a concept album I suppose. Micro samples were cut, copied, pasted, and totally whacked out. As with all of my music, I have always defied anyone to identify the samples." - Robert Turman. Limited Edition of 218, with hand silkscreened and numbered artwork.