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Hiele Martens / Lips / Vinyl LP / Ultra Eczema / UE228

Hiele Martens / Lips / Vinyl LP / Ultra Eczema / UE228


Artist: Hiele Martens

Title: Lips

Format: Vinyl LP, Single-Sided, Limited Edition

Label: Ultra Eczema

Catalogue #: UE228

Country: Belgium

Date Released: June 2017


Lips pairs Roman Hiele — the ultimate Antwerp cocktail karaoke swinger — and Lieven Martens — “dad of the year“, field recordist and English teacher.
This outing, the duo’s first, was recorded at the venerable electronic studios of Worm in Rotterdam and at Studio De Ziltige Olijf in central Antwerp, where the stench of salty human bulk creeps into your mouth from about a mile away. During Hiele-Martens’ few concerts one could detect and, indeed, savour a Jiskefet-like attention to detail: the correct lighting, and a sensitivity towards ‘tiny‘ sounds (such as ice cubes — shaken, not stirred — and little
bells). The recordings on this LP make the ears work like they should, and they therefore require your full attention.”
Full-colour sleeve — a portrait of the duo by Dennis Tyfus — plus insert.