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Grisha Shakhnes / Leave/Trace / Vinyl LP / Glistening Examples / GLEX-1301

Grisha Shakhnes / Leave/Trace / Vinyl LP / Glistening Examples / GLEX-1301


Artist: Grisha Shakhnes

Title: Leave/Trace

Format: Vinyl LP, Limited Edition

Label: Glistening Examples

Catalogue #: GLEX-1301

Country: USA

Date Released: February 2013


Debut LP of Grisha Shakhnes. Formerly operating under the name of Mites, Shakhnes has been recording and performing in Tel Avi, Israel since 2008. His work has been issued both privately in limited handmade CD-R editions, and internationally though Alamut Records (Jerusalem), Mystery Sea (Belgium), and Copy For Your Records (NYC). Consider ‘leave/trace’ a graduation ceremony, as Shakhnes steps away from pseudonymity and into the bright lights of his own exceptional music.  “leave/trace” offers a compelling display of musical abstraction, blending field recordings from peculiar and mundane origins into sumptuously detailed and surreally original new forms. Shakhnes is deftly able to capture and juxtapose otherwise overlooked details of commonplace events, placing his work at the fulcrum of contemporary tape music. Never overly literal, “leave/trace” instead allows the listener to find their own way through its compositions, granting rich reward for those willing to make the journey.  “This is unquestionably Grisha’s most convincing statement to date, and one which cements him in the frontline of artists to watch as the year unfolds. A fabulous LP.” - Graham Lambkin, KYE Records.