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Control Unit / Bloody Language / 7" Vinyl / Backwards / BW13

Picture of Bloody Language
All-destroying 7" vinyl from the Italy-based duo Control Unit (Silvia Kastel and Ninni Morgia, here joined for two tracks by Giorgio Maniglia on drums). Bloody Language represents a new phase in the duo's evolution, following their exploration of a variety of improvisational forms and experiments with a multitude of dynamics and tonal variety. Here, Kastel and Morgia have moved into compositional territory, producing songs that reconnect to the tradition of rock 'n' roll in all facets (psychedelia, industrial, punk, no wave etc). Three exclusive, killer tracks, with Kastel on voice and synth, Morgia on guitar and voice, and Maniglia on drums for the first two tracks. Available in green or black vinyl (whilst stocks last), housed in a stunning silk-screened sleeve, and released on the Italy-based Backwards label in an edition of 400 copies (100 on green, 300 on black). A killer 7" from a killer project. Get involved.


Yek Koo, Zaimph / L’interieur De La Vue / Cassette / Obsolete Units / OU046

Picture of L’interieur De La Vue
A studious and strange meeting of two renowned minds of experimental sound, L’interieur De La Vue is a thrillingly unforeseen detour into minimalistic spontaneity from acclaimed and prolific NYC musician Marcia Bassett (Zaimph, Double Leopards, Hototogisu, GHQ) and celebrated Los Angeles cacophonous-psych-explorer Helga Fassonaki (Yek Koo, Metal Rouge). Unlike the constant ethereal burn on Bassett’s guitar/synth drone works or Fassonaki’s overpowering and staggering reinvention of otherworldly experimental rock, the two performances here present a startlingly spacious platform for more patient, contemplative restraints. Bassett’s electronics ebb into harmonious intertwinement with Fassonaki’s deconstructed trumpet inspection, the flow of both these paradoxically serene and scraping tonalities finding a sturdy synergistic ground. Those immersed in the works of Idea Fire Company, Greg Kelley, and AMM should take notice. Released on the Obsolete Units label in an edition of 100 copies. Obsolete Units.


Tenses, The, Guzo / Full-On Rager / Cassette / Obsolete Units / OU045

Picture of Full-On Rager
Both The Tenses and Guzo devote their energies to the iconoclastic and inimitable improv ensemble Smegma, with The Tenses’ Ju Suk Reet Meate and Jackie Stewart (a.k.a. Oblivia) having devoted 30-plus years to the constantly evolving collective while Guzo’s Madelyn Villano is a relatively new presence to the crew, performing on many of Smegma’s recent recorded and live excursions. The first side finds both projects hitting an astounding communion with the intergenerational partnership surging forth a radical and unified exclamation. Plundered records, mangled electronics, droning strings, and even some surf-styled guitar twang yield an astoundingly surreal mass. The flip sides finds The Tenses on their own manifesting a similar torrent of demented bedlam, proving that both Reet Meate and Stewart are two of the underground’s most consistently unshakable radicals. Released on Obsolete Units label in an edition of 100 copies. Obsolete Units.


Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura / Dieter Dierks Jerks / Vinyl LP / Golden Lab Records / ROWF43

Picture of Dieter Dierks Jerks
::: AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER ::: SCHEDULED TO ARRIVE IN STOCK LATE APRIL 2014 FOR RELEASE IN EARLY MAY 2014 ::: Ridiculously limited (100 copies only) LP by Manchester-based free-rock guitar army Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura. Dieter Dierks Jerks presents a recording by Phil Todd (of Ashtray Navigations etc) of a DSDV show in Manchester. Includes beautiful silk-screened artwork by Alex Humphreys. Released in May 2014 on Nick Mitchell of DSDV's Golden Lab Records label.


Toshiro Mimaki / Januari 22 2000 / 1 x Vinyl LP plus 1x 7" / Sloow Tapes / sloowax003

Picture of Januari 22 2000
Duo recordings by the late Toshiro Mimaki (percussion) and Kiyohiro Takada (bass and electronics). Both were part of the legendary Les Rallizes Denudes. Here, the abstract electronics, hypnotic percussion and two-note bass riffs remind one of their earlier band, though the overall atmosphere is far more abstract and echoes weird dark vibes in the depths of space. The LP comes with a bonus 7” documenting the only known recordings by Oz Band, the duo’s band prior to Les Rallizes Denudés. Two jams recorded in 1974 with a fantastic basement guitar psych feel that recall Baby Grandmothers et al. The vinyl is housed in a beautifully silk-screened cover. Released in an edition of 300 copies on the Belgium-based Sloow Tapes label.


Konstrukt & Marshall Allen ‎ / Live At Sant'Anna Arresi Jazz Festival / Vinyl LP / 8mm Records / 8mm061

Picture of Live At Sant'Anna Arresi Jazz Festival
Saturn calls, Istanbul responds! After releasing a handful of beautiful releases last year that brought them to the attention of the free jazz scene, Konstrukt come back with a fantastic album recorded in collaboration with Mr. Marshall Allen, the legendary saxophonist of the Sun Ra Arkestra (aka the best band ever landed on Earth). Cosmic, cathartic, spiritual free jazz in its purest form! When music can make you travel with your imagination like this, building bridges between different cultures and languages, all you need to discover is definitely outside planet Earth! Space is (still) the place. Released on the 8mm Records label in an edition of 200 copies.


Regler / Regler / Vinyl LP / 8mm Records / 8mm059

Picture of Regler
Welcome to the ground zero of music. Regler is the new, unbelievable project from Mattin (Billy Bao, Josetxo Grieta) and Anders "Drajan" Bryngelsson (Brainbombs, No Balls). Dancing on the ashes of a whole cultural breakdown, they bring us to a non returning point, where the dead body of rock first explodes, then implodes upon itself. There is no joke, people: this is the punkest record ever made. Mastered by Rashad Becker. Released in an edition of just 200 copies on the 8mm Records label.


Quasispecies Four / Quasispecies Four / Vinyl LP / Art Into Life / AIL010

Picture of Quasispecies Four
Stunning LP documenting a quartet session by Toshiji Mikawa on electronics, Hideaki Shimada on violin and electronics, Nobuo Yamada on metal junk objects, and Katsuyoshi Kou on guitar and electronics. The two side-long pieces were recorded at Hatchobori Nana Hari on April 28, 2012. At the time Hideaki Shimada (Agencement) had just started drawing again, and it was advertised that the session would be recorded and released as an LP using Shimada's artwork. Four twenty minute takes were recorded, and the LP includes two of these takes. The project title, Quasispecies Four, was inspired by the image of an indeterminate and neurotic noise performance. Released on the Japan-based Art Into Life label in a limited edition of 250 copies. The record's housed in elaborate DIY-style artwork including an obi attached to string which wraps around the entire sleeve. On the rear is an insert with photographs from the performance. The cover artwork was created by Hideaki Shimada. Art Into Life.


Aaron Dilloway / All of Them Spies / Cassette / Mistake By The Lake Tapes / MSL028

Picture of All of Them Spies
Chances are if you are reading this, then you're no stranger to Aaron Dilloway or his work in the experimental/noise scene. Galen, Couch, The Beast People, Wolf Eyes, Hanson Records: we'd be here all day listing all the insane projects and collaborations he's been a part of. One of the most prolific artists of the past 20 years, it's an understatement to say how excited I am to drop this on y'all. Side A is a live set recently performed in Detroit. Starting off with Dilloway's signature metal clatter and loops, it quickly goes into the slow burn. This is being stalked, the eyes are always on you. The stomps of the enevidable wear you to an exhaustion. Side B features the studio work of junk loops. Grating, hobbling. It all falls apart, inevitably, just a matter of time. The fold out art is not for your eyes, this message is secret. Released in an edition of 100 white c30 tapes on Andrew Kirschner's Mistake By The Lake Tapes label. Immediately sold-out-at-source. Art/design/layout by Aaron Dilloway and Andrew Kirschner.


Orphan Fairytale / My Favorite Fairytale / 2 x Vinyl LP / Aguirre Records / zorn10

Picture of My Favorite Fairytale
"Welcome to the wondrous world of Eva Van Deuren's one-girl project Orphan Fairytale. She creates a fairylike, mystic and hypnotizing sound world using only self-made electronics, toy instruments , cassette loops and small keyboards. The music show a great deal of playfulness. Dreamlike patterns are enriched by carefully placed notes and tones. After almost 10 years of performing and recording, the time has come for a round-up and Aguirre is happy to present a wonderful set of four sidelong pieces. The 2xLP set consists of delicate twinkling tunes recorded during the period of 2008 - 2011 wherein Eva shows an admirable creativity, coalescing minimalism, new age, psychedelic and repetitive sounds. Not always too far away from contemporary fellow artists like Dolphins Into The Future, Innercity and Panabrite with whom she shares a certain ambience. Originating from Antwerp, Belgium Eva Van Deuren grew up in a flourishing Belgian music scene. Releasing cassettes on numerous independent cassette labels Audiobot, Beniffer Editions and Sloow Tapes just to name a few. In the summer of 2007 she was even asked to open for Sonic Youth (!). It was Thurston Moore who was very fond of her music. After that she has released full albums on Ultra Eczema and Blackest Rainbow and now we like to welcome her to the label". With artwork by Johan and Hannah, high gloss finished sleeve, and released in an edition of 500 copies on the Aguirre Records label. Aguirre Records.


Joel Vandroogenbroeck / Biomechanoid / Vinyl LP / Aguirre Records / zorn19

Picture of Biomechanoid
"Biomechanoid is the classic 1980 album by composer and flutist Joel Vandroogenbroeck. It’s 1980, in Munich, Germany, upstart production music label Coloursound Library releases their debut album. Capitalising on the success of Ridley Scott’s Alien film, the label dropped Biomechanoid, featuring cover art commissioned by HR Giger – whose horrific Necronom IV lithograph served as the basis for the design of Alien – and the music of the relatively unknown Joel Vandroogenbroeck. Comprised of bleak, cinematic synth soundscapes and percussion, the album served as an inaugural calling card for what would be a decade of dizzying solo releases by Vandroogenbroeck for Coloursound, running the gamut from Mesopotamian ethno-folk to synth sequencer funk to electro drum breaks to in-utero ambient delights.Though the Belgian-born Vandroogenbroeck, 74, may not be a household name; in an ideal world, he would be. As the founder, flautist, harpist, sitar player and keyboardist of the seminal acid-fried Swiss psych outfit Brainticket, he spearheaded the groups three main (and collectible) releases in the early 70s – Cottonwood Hill, Celestial Ocean and Psychonaut. Combining a love of exotic instruments coupled with mind-bending out-of-body excursions, the ever-changing collective developed something of a cult following throughout Europe and earned a reputation as one of the heavier psych outfits on the circuit – which was something of a double-edged sword. While their experimental sound resonated with hippies everywhere, it didn’t with the authorities, who associated the act with heavy drug consumption and subsequently began a ban of their music, especially the Psychonaut album, if for the title alone. After that bitter brush with censorship, the group quietly disbanded in 1972. After the dissolution of Brainticket, Vandroogenbroeck departed for the island of Bali with the intent of learning to build and play the gamelan – an ensemble of primarily percussion instruments from Indonesia. It would become yet another weapon in his ever growing arsenal of exotic instruments: he was already proficient in the sitar, harp, kalimba, assorted percussion oddities and all woodwinds by this point. Vandroogenbroeck became so enraptured with the frenetic sound of the gamelan that he subsequently left the tropics to start up a joged bumbung (a variation on a gamelan) band back in Switzerland. While playing small festivals and civic events with this group, Joel began to slowly gravitate towards the synth-heavy kraut sounds of artists like Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze at the same time. And once he began dabbling with oscillators, he never turned back. After inking a library deal around this time with the nascent Coloursound label, who gave him complete creative control, Vandroogenbroeck began turning out releases at a rapid rate, often three to five a year, and under a variety of aliases like V.D.B. Joel, J.V.D.B, and Eric Vann. Starting with the desolate synth drone of Biomechanoid, he continued to expand his sound palette on while on Coloursound, moving from early arpeggiators on Computer Blossoms to percussive sound collage on Birth Of Earth; and from Oberheim DMX drum breaks on Video Games & Data Movements to Apple II ambient programming on Digital Project. Biomechanoid stands after all these years as an album full of dark, strange, disturbing soundscapes, the obscure side of Brainticket, proving how Joel was still a creative artist. With artwork by HR Giger, a matt finished sleeve, double-sided insert, 180g vinyl, in an edition of 500 copies. Released on the Aguirre Records label". Aguirre Records.


Bad Intentions / Untitled / CD / Breakdance The Dawn / bdtd187

Picture of Untitled
Punk music 2014, no nostalgia, not like they're kickin' against the pricks, just girls with stuff, doin' stuff, makin' their own. Recorded live at Matt Earle's Real Bad Music venue on June 22, 2013. Released in CDr format on Earles' Breakdance The Dawan label.

Goods Van / Wonky Woo / CD / Breakdance The Dawn / bdtd183

Picture of Wonky Woo
Four-track tape experiments and pop gems from Conwae Burrell of Extrafoxx and Matt Noone (Highway5), recorded in 1994. Released in CDr format on Matt Earle's Breakdance The Dawn label.

Sun Of The Seventh Sister / Shine In Brisbane / CD / Breakdance The Dawn / bdtd182

Picture of Shine In Brisbane
Blunt and damaged spirituality from Sun Of The Seventh Sister, recorded live at Matt Earle's Real Bad Music venue in Brisbane in 2013. Released in CDr format on Earle's own Breakdance The Dawn label. Breakdance The Dawn.

xNoBBQx / Untitled / CD / Breakdance The Dawn / bdtd181

Picture of Untitled
New material from Matt Earle's XnobbqX project. "Sounds like something you'd here on an old skate video: all slo-mo, lo-fi, and funky(?). Side b gets all eai in sound no approach, you'd almost swear the guitar was Jim Denley playin' saxophone. 10 minutes per side, not a time waster". Released in CDr format on Earle's own Breakdance The Dawn label. Breakdance The Dawn.

Various / Mermaids Video / CD / Breakdance The Dawn / bdtd180

Picture of Mermaids Video
Document of another legendary night at Matt Earle's Real Bad Music venue in 2013. A lengthy set featuring Mermaids, *hackety hackety chunks chunks, dj mg, tistrialal blinds, goofy, club sound witches, and unique oil free air. Released in CDr format on the Brisbane-based Breakdance The Dawn label. Breakdance The Dawn.

A.M / Dragonfly / Vinyl LP / Trensmat / TR041

Picture of Dragonfly
From a distance, a dragonfly is a hypnotically beautiful and graceful creature but if one unexpectedly flew right into one's face, no doubt one would emit an unholy and undignified squeal. The listener's reaction to Dragonfly, the 2nd Trensmat long-player from NZ's primo human musical bubble machine Antony Milton, may well take a reverse path. From a distance there is terror and unholy squalling noise but, on closer inspection, there is beauty, grace, and, ok, some unholy squalling noise. In opener Fake Union Of Uplifted Charlatans at least two whacked-out distorted solos trade licks (ably assisted upwards by distant spacey bleeps) while an elephantine and gloopy treated bassline trundles on, carrying its cosmic cargo with no little bemusement. The upbeat title track is built from the same stuff, though with a nervier, insectoid feel. The following pair, Glassworld and Helioscope, bring you back to earth with a soft and successively woozy landing onto a fuzzy undergrowth of reverbed chords and throbs. But there is much to fear among the lush micro-greenery, as the predatory beasties of Eightoeight will attest - a hungry blind mass of globular bass larvae and mercilessly cutting high-end analogue pincers. The incredible 13-minute closer True Believers blows what's left of the cobwebs off, both with an intensified blast of the preceding sonic firepower and a simultaneous warm mellow wave of goodness, given some structure by a scant muffled kick and a recurring snippet of soft descending keys before being eaten alive by a cacophonous industrial coda. The track's title has the suffix "(Live)" - though we do not know when, where, or for whom it was performed - but luckily we can all go back to that place and time via the modern wonder of the phonograph. Hold on to your elongated abdomens for another thrilling bug-eyed flight of fancy around AM's audio garden! The LP comes with digital copies of the tracks on the vinyl. Pre-orders will be immediately sent a link to the download package in WAV & MP3 format. Very limited edition coloured vinyl LP" in full colour card sleeve (+ 6 downloads). Trensmat


Good Area / Cubic Zirconia b/w Bad Karlshafen / 7" Vinyl / Kye / kye707

Picture of Cubic Zirconia b/w Bad Karlshafen
New material from Philadelphia's Good Area, “expanding and refining the signature sound first heard on 2013's French Antarctica LP. Cubic Zirconia offers “...a coarse instrumental homage to the cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide, whereas Bad Karlshafen delivers a stark, text-based rumination on the breakfast habits of the Huguenots, collapsing ice-rinks, and astral photography, bundled together in a viper's nest of non sequiturs. Cubic Zirconia' b/w 'Bad Karlshafen arrives in a pro-printed full-colour sleeve, with a numbered insert that replicates exactly the Golden Fish Market receipt of 10/12/13”. Released on Graham Lambkin of The Shadow Ring’s Kye label in an edition of 300 copies. Kye.


Razen / Rim Saraband / Cassette / Sloow Tapes / No catalogue #

Picture of Rim Saraband
Esoteric improvisations deeply rooted in medieval, world and folk music. This Brussels duo plays an impressive variety of traditional instruments (santur, bombus, bouzouki, psalterium, bagpipes, hurdy gurdy etc) in transcendental dimensions. Has Bryan Lewis Saunders reciting on one track. 80 copies. Sloow Tapes.


Richard Youngs, Andrew Paine / Highwaymen / 7" Vinyl / Sonic Oyster Records / SOV003

Picture of Highwaymen
Highwaymen is an electronics-based "five-tracked opus" by Richard Youngs and Andrew Paine. Released on 7" vinyl on Paine's Sonic Oyster Records label in a limited edition of 250 copies. "Make no mistake... Paine & Youngs are Highwaymen. In these five sonic snapshots, they capture perfectly the existential state that is the life of a Road Pirate. Whether it's '1796' or today or possibly... the future. Make no mistake... Andrew Paine & Richard Youngs are Highwaymen". Sonic Oyster Records.

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