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Bear Bones Lay Low / Vagaciones II / Cassette / Troglosound / Troglosound097

Picture of Vagaciones II
"Second chapter of Bear Bones Lay Low on the Vagaciones series (the first came out a couple of years ago on our fellow's label Young Girls from Liege), which is probably Ernesto Gonzalez most psychedelic freak-out excursus in music. On this one the leading figures are the dreamy piano melodies and the obsessive percussive lines, surrounded by an aura of minimal electronics sounds. All this recorded straight on tape and quite lo-fi, which helps keeping it trippy and foggy. Drawing by Virginia Genta, inner picture by David Vanzan shot on the Ocean somewhere around Northern California, during the Jooklo Duo & Bear Bones Lay Low West Coast tour of April 2014". Released asa CS-40 clear tape, in a limited edition of 55 copies on Troglosound.


Mittland Och Leo / Optimists / Vinyl LP / JJ Funhouse / JJ002

Picture of Optimists
"'Optimists’ is Mittland och Leo’s first long player after those 45 swings on Ultra Eczema. These hi-hat tropics will blow those future autumn leaves straight out of your head, although bass lines in this LP bump ever so gently towards the softer edge of the dance floor. The bittersweet synth lines switching between Atomium-era exotica and the memory of a perfect summer lone gone by, will tickle your brain where it hurts so good. Nobody can surf that peculiar wave as good as Milan Warmoeskerken and Joke Leonare. The melancholic twins who are behind all this magic. It's like there's living a bunch of crickets underneath this black plastic, with just the right amount of winter angst in their crazy tweeting minds to enjoy summer even harder. You can hear them loud and clearly in ‘Ascona’, mechanical insect funk all the way and in fact throughout the whole album. This record is more like a mental travel companion then a proper dance floor effort. Never the less the duo throws you back in reality with ‘Earth Beat’, a raw but perfect machine-rhythm and bouncy bass draws you deeper and deeper towards the dance, with the melody as broken heart candy running through its pumping veins.
Every beat on this album is quite smart in a simple way: minimal yet ever so funky, which makes all this repetition just endless fun. It sounds like that perfect rhythm-box from the early eighties nobody has ever seen, because Martin Rev had the only one, which he bought from some kind of suicidal princess of the avant-avant garde and even he lost it. Welcome back from nowhere! The whole lp sounds vaguely retro but even more timeless, contemporary freshness included. Song after song there's a steady and natural flow till the thing stops. Like an industrial landscape that makes you smile for some crazy reason, Optimists indeed. The spiky kind. No fake jams that are lost in honey dripping layers of cosmic goat cheese here folks! Classic stuff, just drop the needle on first song ‘Decades’ and off you go". JJ Funhouse.


Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura / The Empire Never Ended / Vinyl LP / Golden Lab Records / ROWF40, COSTA1

Picture of The Empire Never Ended
Fourth studio LP and seventh full-length release from Manchester, UK guitar army Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura. This brand new set of jams is a very different doggy to the band’s previous records. The A-side captures their most ecstatic, cohesive, sun-scorched, celebratory stylings to date, while the B-side demonstrates a disjointed, almost Sun City Girls-eque approach to bastardised technicality and deep weirdness. Golden Lab Records.


Idle Hour / Still Becoming Apart / Cassette / Alien Passengers / Alien Passengers #20

Picture of Still Becoming Apart
Final release from Idle Hour, a former project of a Jeddo, Michigan-based duo led by Knox Mitchell. "It's not for time that the silent rising from the ditch stops. It's not for the grey and black beach or the sounds of the season's apathy". Released as a tape on Mike Collino of Dog Lady Island's Alien Passengers label in an edition of 100 copies. Alien Passengers.


Richard Youngs / Red Alphabet In The Snow / Vinyl LP / Preserved Sound / PS21

Picture of Red Alphabet In The Snow
Beautiful solo album from Richard Youngs. "Red Alphabet In The Snow" presents two 17-minute pieces, in which "...Youngs layers acoustic guitars, banjo, cifteli, bass guitar, electric lead guitars, electric violin, epinette des vosges, shakers, sitar, swanee whistle, tambourine, triangle, 12-string guitar, ukulele, and his own voice, to build up a meandering instrumental, acoustic, and even psychedelic mix. Each side of the album is made up of various compositions woven together with instrumentation, but which seem to flow seamlessly into a rich and resonant whole. Recorded in Krakow, Poland, and at home in Glasgow, the release comes as a 180g vinyl, in a handmade, recycled card sleeve and insert, hand stamped and numbered on the back, and limited to 250 copies". Preserved Sound.


Ben Hall's She Shells String Trio / Negatively Complicating A Procedure That Is Already Flawed / Vinyl LP / 8mm Records / 8mm060

Picture of Negatively Complicating A Procedure That Is Already Flawed
Stunning LP packing some burning-hot jams from "Ben Hall's She Shells String Trio", a new trio led by Ben Hall (Graveyards et al) and featuring violinist Mike Khoury (Graveyards, Faruq Z. Bey Northwood Improvisers et al) and New York City-based experimental musician C Spencer Yeh (Burning Star Core et al). There's massive energy to the set straight from go, with Yeh and Khoury barking urgent, unearthly threats around Hall's dead-quick drum runs of immaculate precision and massive intensity. When the unearthly violin sounds sharpen and slow they orbit like drones of chatter and song, with minimal percussive and f/x interventions paying homage to the vibrant, mind-bending strings that flash, flit, and float. At times the sound's like a war cry from the future, an unsettling tension of cinematic scale, with the boundless energy of a forever-whirling ball of fire in a million years from now. Released on the 8mm Records label in an edition of just 150 hand-numbered copies. Pressed on black vinyl, with plain white labels, and housed in handmade covers, with an insert too.


Joe McPhee, Konstrukt / Babylon: The First Meeting Of Istanbul / Vinyl LP / Roaratorio / roar34

Picture of Babylon: The First Meeting Of Istanbul
Now, here's a monster slab of wax: "Babylon: The First Meeting Of Istanbul" is a giant LP from free-jazz multi-instrumentalist Joe Mcphee and KonstruKt, the Turkish free-improv quartet of Umut Caglar, Korhan Futaci, Ozun Usta, and Korhan Arguden. KonstruKt formed as a quartet in 2008 and has quickly turned a load of ears, collaborating with major giants such as Evan Parker, Marshall Allen, and Peter Brotzmann and releasing killer records on labels such as 8mm and Holidays Records. The origins of "Babylon: The First Meeting Of Istanbul" can be traced to the Krakow Jazz Autumn festival of October 2012: this is where KonstruKt and Mcphee first connected and led to the multi-instrumentalist describing the trailblazing quartet as "the real deal".Fast-forward to March 17, 2014, when Mcphee arrived in Istanbul. A day later the players' first performance was recorded by Ozan Murat (and later mixed and mastered by Futaci). "Babylon: The First Meeting Of Istanbul" is the result of that debut collaboration. And it's plays-out like your favourite dream. Listening to the set, you'd think these players had been together since way-back-when, but, remarkably, the recording was made just a day after Mcphee arrived in Istanbul, with no prior rehearsal or formal planning. "Flyswatter", the opener, refuses to settle in mood or pace, with a multitude of electronic noise/effects and organ-based keyboard that give the piece a cosmic, space-age edge, whilst sublime bursts of trumpet and sax direct the piece to wilder plains, leaving space for interventions on drums and bowed/plucked double bass. The second piece, "Simple Questions/Complex Answers", opens with sci-fi-style electronics and double-bass riffs that are to die-for. When then the brass enters, it's breath-heavy, piercing and squalling. By this stage, the piece knows where it's heading: some fierce drum work and sublime bass gush with ferocious brass, a ticket to the zone. These two opening tracks are seriously shit-hot but the flip-side takes us to another universe that's as majestic as it gets. I kid you not, I can't tell you the last time my head got blown-away like it's been by "Involution", where the brass attacks signal anguish and seduction, and "Tek'e", with the two-stringed cura treating us to a stunning psychedelic/ethnic-folk freak-out that meets some of the finest and richest blues-soaked brass you could imagine. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, I'd stump twice the LP's value to hear these two tracks alone just one more time, I promise you that. The musicianship in every area is top-class, assured, and searching, creating truly unbeatable music that's way-the-fuck-out. If these don't bring you to your knees, then you need to check your pulse. Pressed on black vinyl and housed in a glorious sleeve with artwork by Caglar and featuring a colour photograph of the players at work. Released on the US-based Roaratorio label in an edition of 525 copies. Includes a free download coupon.


Andrew Chalk / The Circle Of Days / Vinyl LP / Faraway Press / Faraway Press 023

Picture of The Circle Of Days
Truly beautiful new LP, "The Circle Of Days", from UK sound/drone artist Andrew Chalk on his own Faraway Press imprint. Recorded in 2003-06 and created with field recordings, keyboards, guitar, bass guitar, and slide-guitar, "The Circle Of Days" includes a return for Chalk to his long-term collaboration with Daisuke Suzuki (Ghosts On Water, Lost Shadow, Siren Records et al), who features on five of the LP's 14 (relatively short) pieces. The field recordings, mostly captured from everyday home/community life, blend with beautiful fragments of minimalist keyboard runs and droning string tones that reach out, rise-up, and resonate to stunning effect, conveying celestial-like imagery of, say, light from another world shimmering in the dark of our own fog-blurred night. The sounds unfold, subliminally freezing/interrupting time, before fading into voids that sometimes leave a peculiar and wondrous sense of longing. Whilst the field recordings feel grounded in the real world, the instruments' rich sounds seem like they arrived from the ether of far-away, deep inside Chalk's expansive artistic vision. A magical, captivating piece of work that functions like a sonic parallel to the way shooting stars grip our gaze in wonder. Released on Chalk's Faraway Press imprint in an edition of 325 copies. Pressed on super-sounding black vinyl, mastered by Denis Blackham and housed in a sleeve featuring a reproduction of a pencil sketch by the artist himself, with layout design by Jos Moers.


Sweat Tongue / Gregarious Pelt / Cassette / Cold Milk Records / No catalogue #

Picture of Gregarious Pelt
Scorching UK tour-only tape, "Gregarious Pelt", from Sweat Tongue, a Rotterdam trio connected to the Brisbane underground via Sky Needle, a bond between two groups with similar DIY experimental aesthetics (albeit entirely different sounds). These connections will soon see Rotterdam's debris deviants touring Australia and New Zealand, hot-on-the-heels of the trio's Euro/UK tour of August-September 2014. Sweat Tongue describes its sound as "poop rock", a fair-enough tag, as far as my ears can see. Referencing elements from rock, no-wave, noise, punk, you name-it, the sound's an explosive, abrasive mix, delivered in a lo-fi, DIY style and performed with a theatrical, Dadaist-like spirit (you need see this unit play live!). Michiel Klein, whose former projects include the Dutch band Eklin that released a great tape on Night People in 2011, plays detuned guitar, oscillating between fast, aggressive chord attacks and slower, outright-warped meanderings. The "cave-woman" drumming, courtesy of Marijn Verbiesen (aka "ms r(ed).e(yes)."), is dominated by bursts of strong-arm strikes, with pockets of more subtle percussive experiments, whilst the vocals of "Beliz" (aka "ms blue balls") can span muffled tones to gabbled grievances and hysterical wails to breathy blows. The trio's energetic and dissonant clatter is warped by tapes and a shopping-list-length of DIY experiments involving all three players: a contact microphone (a gift from Crank Sturgeon) used against a rotating air-cool fan, the scraping of a metal measure rule on an amplified metal ladder, the hilarious squeaking/squalling of a rubber doll, and the abuse of a range of kitchen utensils. "Gregarious Pelt" is released on cassette format on the band's own Cold Milk label in a limited run of 40 copies. The tape's housed in a clear plastic case, with artwork that looks distinctly "poop rock" by Dutch artist Gijs Deddens. Includes an insert, with hand-written text that dishes the dirt on the whole deal: "Some hot fuel shit to dry my eyes".


Negative Kite, The / Ernok / Cassette / Self-released / No catalogue #

Picture of Ernok
Miniscule edition (around six copies) of the first release in 16 years from The Negative Kite, the former and shortlived duo project of UK-based Steve Clarke and Julian Bradley (Piss Superstition, Vibracathedral Orchetstra et al). Ernok features sounds made by Clarke from 2009 until 2013: "a collapsing, electro-acoustic fog of awkward loops, found sound and nowhere tones". Self-released by the artist's on a c20 tape cassette.


Stuart Chalmers / Imaginary Musicks Volume 1 / Cassette / Beartown Records / No catalogue #

Picture of Imaginary Musicks Volume 1
Fantastic new tape from UK cassette tape manipulator and electronics improviser Stuart Chalmers. Imaginary Musicks Vol 1 was improvised, recorded, and edited during the long, dark winter of 2013-14. Using three cassette players, synths, and pedals, Chalmers has "coalesced and conjured 35 minutes of expansive/expanding atmo-collage, for the soothing of the tired mind. Flattened drumming, distant wailing and shining synthesis intertwine in ecstatic glory - meditation creation. Wandering flutes and meandering loops swirl and swell during 35 minutes of enchanting audio cartography". This, the cassette tape version, was released in an edition of 45 copies on the Beartown Records label. Housed in "clear(ish) grey with brain melting on-tape stickers and austere brown papier (paper) inserts". Note that this release is also available from Infinite Limits on CD format in an edition of 45 copies on the artist's own Tusk Records label.


Stuart Chalmers / Imaginary Musicks Volume 1 / CD / Tusk Records / 02

Picture of Imaginary Musicks Volume 1
Fantastic new CD from UK cassette tape manipulator and electronics improviser Stuart Chalmers. Imaginary Musicks Vol 1 was improvised, recorded, and edited during the long, dark winter of 2013-14. Using three cassette players, synths, and pedals, Chalmers has "coalesced and conjured 35 minutes of expansive/expanding atmo-collage, for the soothing of the tired mind. Flattened drumming, distant wailing and shining synthesis intertwine in ecstatic glory - meditation creation. Wandering flutes and meandering loops swirl and swell during 35 minutes of enchanting audio cartography". The CD version was mastered by Denis Blackham at Skye Mastering and released by the artist on his own Tusk Records label in an edition of 45 copies. Housed in a handmade digipak-style sleeve and and printed CD. Note that this release is also available from Infinite Limits on cassette tape format in an edition of 45 copies on the Beartown Records label.


Hartmut Geerken, John Tchicai / Hindukush Serenade / Vinyl LP / Holidays Records / HOL-071

Picture of Hindukush Serenade
"Remembering his old friend and the days when this live recordings were taken, says Hartmut Geerken: "When John came to visit us in Afghanistan and in Greece, where we lived in the 70's and 80's, my wife Sigi had to extend his bed always with fruit boxes. His height didn't fit into a normal sized bed as well as his musical dimensions were too far out to fit into the mainstream taste of the masses. It was wonderful to hike with him in the Hindukush mountains up the Salang Pass. Afghanistan was a very peaceful and hospitable country before the westerners destroyed this unique paradise". We know that every time Hartmut Geerken unveil one of the many tapes he recorded and archived in the extraordinary life he spent travelling around the world it's an incredible gift. But listening for the first time after 40 years to these tunes, especially in the moment when John Tchicai stops playing and start his wild high-pitch singing...oh, that will really make you feel dizzy". Released on Holidays Records in an edtion of 250 copies. Holidays Records.


Hüseyin Ertunç, Barlas Tan Özemek, Konstrukt, Marshall Allen / Vibrations Of The Day / 2 x Vinyl LP / Holidays Records / HOL-072

Picture of Vibrations Of The Day
"Finest free jazz from Istanbul meets the alto saxophonist who travelled the spaceways side by side with Sun Ra and his Arkestra, and that's quite a thing indeed. Konstrukt, the Turkish revelation of the last few years, becomes a sextet ganging up with guitarist Barlas Tan Özemek and drummer Huseyin Ertunç to create a percussion-based environment where all the elements cautiosusly contribute to a collective meditation and where two saxophones are free to dance into a dreamy parade. Recorded in 2010 and self-released in a limited CD edition, this expanded ensemble trip to the Other World finally gets its deserved double LP limited edition. "Konstrukt has performed with the likes of British free jazz saxophonist Evan Parker, Dutch pianist Michiel Braam's Bik Bent Baam, Swiss saxophonist Jürg Solothurnmann and recently saxophonists Peter Brötzmann and Marshall Allen. To record with these jazz giants is, indeed, a stamp of approval and hopefully their message of liberating music can be heard by a larger audience. And lately, the band has had a bunch of impressive CDs in a row. Here's looking forward to more". - Mark Corroto, All About Jazz Released by Holidays Records in an edition of 250 copies. Holidays Records.


Ghedalia Tazartes / Hysterie Off Music / Vinyl LP / Holidays Records / HOL-074

Picture of Hysterie Off Music
"At the beginning, Hystérie off Music was conceived as a catalogue record, an open field where the author could play with all musical genres and their stereotypes, but then evolved rapidly into an uncompromising clash of field recordings, sampled instruments and Tazartès' incomparable vocal eclecticism, made of emotional psalms and shamanic hymns. The Encyclopédie of genres turns into a childish - and sometimes scary - play and the song titles mislead the listener introducing him to a completely new classification. Recorded in early 2000s and released on CD in 2007 by the French label Jardin au Fou, it's now available in a remastered vinyl version - with an excellent cut made by SST in Frankfurt - for the best listening experience of this cinematic electronic collage. A true movie for the ear". Released by Holidays Records in an edition of 350 copies on black vinyl. Holidays Records.


Public Housing / Public Housing / Vinyl LP / Torn Light / TL005

Picture of Public Housing
Killer debut LP from Public Housing, the Cincinnati, Ohio-based trio of Chris Adams (Wasteland Jazz Unit; Palindrones et al), John Rich (Wasteland Jazz Unit; Ohio Unsemble; No Reagan! et al), and Jon Lorenz (Wasteland Jazz Unit; Ohio Unsemble; No Reagan! et al). I think this trio usually rips it up brass-strong, as the Wasteland Jazz Unit, but here they’ve ditched their horns, instead tooling-up with guitars. But “Wasteland” remains the dominant feature, seems like these guys just can’t shake it, and that’s often a promising starting point for me. The four tracks that sprawl these grooves conjure bleak more overtly than most things you've heard or seen: like a document of cities crumbling under the weight of the broken system, taking cues from no-wave and spawning some form of contemporary apocalypse blues. I don’t imagine the Cincinnati authorities will be using this LP to attract tourists to mid-western USA, although the record does strike me as a perfectly executed artistic expression of the great nothingness that our masters have bestowed upon us. Dilapidation, dispossession, and a diseased mental/physical environment reverberate from the thick, heavy clanging guitar work, stumbling amongst the dark and damp. If, like most humans in the west, you forgot what it’s like to feel deep anger, then check-in with the drumming here, and if you somehow failed to notice how technology became the latest (and maybe the final?) great battlefield, then give-up your ears to the warped electronics that throb and groan intermittently like a desperate plea for breath. Even the sleeve and insert present visuals of bleak. The vinyl was mastered by Robert Beatty (Hair Police, Three-Legged Race) and this great record was released on the Newport, Kentuck-based Torn Light label, in an edition of 500 copies. This is what “progress” can yield: come gather your harvest.


Sunken Cheek / Prince Of Mind b/w Husk / 7" Vinyl / Torn Light / TL004

Picture of Prince Of Mind b/w Husk
Prince Of Mind b/w Husk presents a "...glimpse into the works of Sunken Cheek's bleak vision. Low drones in dark hallways, ominous hums & swells with abrasive walls of sound. Prince of Mind is a forewarning for Husk, the two pieces work together to bring a completed work of terror & fear through sound. The first solo vinyl release for Sunken Cheek & the first of many collaborations with Torn Light Records. Sunken Cheek is the solo project of Weston Cz, vocalist of Hunger Pains, Oak & Bone, and Japanese Furnace, etc etc. Released on Torn Light.


Shredded Nerve / Retention / 7" Vinyl / Torn Light / TL007

Picture of Retention
"Retention" by Shredded Nerve "...presents two tracks of highly stressful harsh noise for paranoid minds. Highly structured pieces utilizing tape loops, synthesizer, TV static, and various metals. Recorded live with no effects or overdubbing. Equal parts heavy and creepy. Torn Light.


Constrain / Zero Action / Cassette / Mazurka Editions / mzk031

Picture of Zero Action
"Zero Action" by Constrain presents "meticulous harsh noise constructs. Kevin Mceleney's (Heavy Psych) strong catalogue continues to grow. A fierce and exact presence". Released as a c12 cassette in an edition of 40 on the Newcastle, Australia-based Mazurka Editions label. Mazurka Editions.


xNoBBQx / Real Bad Music / Hiroshima / Cassette / Mazurka Editions / mzk032

Picture of Real Bad Music / Hiroshima
"Real Bad Music / Hiroshima" by XnobbqX, solo project of Matt Earle (Breakdance The Dawn label, Sprot et al), presents "two live documents of the finest guitar + percussion primitivism. A high watermark of no technique improv". Released as a c30 cassette in an edition of 30 by the Newcastle, Australia-based Mazurka Editions label.


Wound / Wild Life In The Quiet Revolution / Cassette / Mazurka Editions / mzk033

Picture of Wild Life In The Quiet Revolution
"Wild Life In The Quiet Revolution" by Wound is a "..brooding and well-paced electronic vignette. Tumbril industrial". Released as a single-sided c22 cassette in an edition of 25 by Newcastle, Australia-based label Mazurka Editions.


Baader / Untitled / Cassette / Mazurka Editions / mzk034

Picture of Untitled
"Progressive steps in the dark from Baader, the project of a young Australian artist. New wave / post industrial smog" Released as a c22 cassette in an edition of 25. Mazurka Editions.


Takahiro Kawaguchi / S/T / CD / Senufo Editions / senufo edition #forty eight

Picture of S/T
“The starting point of my idea was to record the boundary line between A and B. In order to create several versions, I prepared instructions (scores) or physical gimmicks in “Mixing”, “Tuning” and “Watching”, and in “Skit”, “Skit2″ I actually moved or increased the volume, and finally in “Doing” I secretly carried out this concept within an improvised performance. D collects the six versions around a single axis, and F was released at the end” (T.Kawaguchi) Recorded by Takahiro Kawaguchi, except 6 recorded by Attila Faravelli. mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi, photography by Ujin Matsuo. Inspired by “realm of the dead” by Hyakken Uchida". Senufo Editions/Takahiro Kawaguchi.


Renato Rinaldi / Planta / CD / Senufo Editions / senufo edition #fifty one

Picture of Planta
Planta is "a new musique concrète piece by Renato Rinaldi. Entirely based on sounds recorded in the Planta quarry, located in Menàrguens, Spain. “Planta” is one of the sections of a larger installation realised by Renato Rinaldi, Armin Linke and Giuseppe Ielasi as part of the 14th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice. Total running time: 16’44″ Edition of 200 copies in letterpress sleeve". Senufo Editions.


Pierre Gerard / Architect / CD / Senufo Editions / senufo edition #50

Picture of Architect
"Architect" by Pierre Gerard features "three studies on what surrounds us and that which sometimes remains invisible. CD Edition of 200 copies in letterpress + offset printed sleeve". Senufo Editions.


Cory O'Brien / Denser Materials / CD / Senufo Editions / senufo edition forty nine

Picture of Denser Materials
"Denser Materials" is "performed by Cory O’Brien using snare drum, amplified plexiglass and analog synthesizer. Recorded in Spring/Summer 2013, Washington, DC. Edition of 200 copies in letterpress sleeve". Senufo Editions.


Oren Ambarchi, Neil Campbell, Michael Flower / Live At TUSK Festival 2013 / Vinyl LP / Tusk / TUF002

Picture of Live At TUSK Festival 2013
"An incredible document of an incredible set - the first-time trio of Oren Ambarchi, Neil Campbell and Mick Flower was a truly transcendent thing to behold at TUSK Festival 2013. Now you can hear it on vinyl too - pre-orders now taken, don't miss out on this one"! Tusk.


Sissy Spacek / Lead Their Exit / 7" Vinyl / Dais Records / DAIS056

Picture of Lead Their Exit
"On Xmas day in 1999, the channels of the noise canon received a new entry into its ranks by the name of Sissy Spacek. 15 years later, the outfit, held together by core members John Wiese & Charlie Mumma, has left a littered trail of damaged recordings and countless performances in its wake. Known for it’s cult output and conceptual performances—each idea folding over the last to create havoc in the way that most would care to avoid, Sissy Spacek takes this all head on. Their newest 7” shows the band exploring song-based material (see also their live shows), employing it’s newest member Sara Taylor to provide vocal accompaniment to their special brand of furious destruction. To those familiar with their previous works on PPM, Chondritic Sound, Gilgongo or Wiese’s own Helicopter imprint, one will instantly welcome their signature hybrid of grindcore blasts and avant-garde sensibility and remain captured by the band’s semblance of leftfield song writing". Released on the Dais Records label in a limited edition of 300 copies. Dais.


Radio Cegeste / Three Inclements / CD / Consumer Waste / consumer waste #13

Picture of Three Inclements
"three inclements was recorded by Sally Ann McIntyre while in residency on Kapiti Island. The album is based around three outdoor shortwave tunings in Kapiti landscapes, with the radio receiver acting as a listener to a largely ‘empty’ field, mirroring and mixed with Sally’s own listening to and recording of the acoustic space of the island". Consumer Waste.


Luciano Maggiore and Enrico Malatesta / talabalàcco / CD / Consumer Waste / consumer waste #16

Picture of talabalàcco
"talabalàcco is the first collaboration by Luciano Maggiore and Enrico Malatesta. The pair have deliberately eschewed the process of duo improvisation, recording material independently and composing with these fragments, resulting in a refined and purposeful combination of electronic and acoustic textures. The composition unfolds episodically, appearing to deny musical structure, but maintaining an incisive impact as its chapters accumulate". Consumer Waste.


Stephen Cornford / SWF / Cassette / Mantile / mantile#026

Picture of SWF
Great tape from UK musician, sculptor, and installation artist Stephen Cornford, who released the stunning Six Tape Machines LP on Accidie Records in 2013. SWF presents two sides of unprocessed stereo recordings of shortwave interference, one piece recorded in May 2012 and the other in January 2014. Released as a pro-dubbed cassette on the Mantile label, with hand-stamped label and cover. Limited to 50 copies.


Venta Protesix / 非虐性愛のオタク「Higyakuseiai No Otaku」 / Cassette / A Dear Girl Called Wendy / WE31

Picture of 非虐性愛のオタク「Higyakuseiai No Otaku」
"Digital noise by the sweatest, high volume, voices of Japanese girls in the distance, otaku's stories, obsessions manifested, a rabbit, the subway". Released as a C20 cassette tape on the Italy-based A Dear Girl Called Wendy label.


Dog Lady Island / Dolor Aria / Cassette / Alien Passengers / N°39

Picture of Dolor Aria
A plateau in the desert of memory, a post in the monotony of time. (July 1, 2014) : zither, violin : metronome, tape and shortwave radio. CD or cassette (this is the cassette edition). Released on Mike Collino's Alien Passengers label in an edition of 100 copies. Time: 28:21. Alien Passengers #39.


Matt Krefting / Lymph Est / Vinyl LP / Kye / KYE30

Picture of Lymph Est
Kye is proud to present 'Lymph Est', the brand new LP by Matt Krefting. Krefting's chronology is a deep-rooted and complex one, seeded in the foundation of the Apostasy imprint, and the animation of its numerous transitory groups, most notably Son of Earth, of which he played a crucial part. Concurrently, Krefting has won a reputation for his solo tape-based work, circulated primarily in secretive micro-editions, before eventually reaching a wider audience via last years critically acclaimed 'High Hopes' LP (Open Mouth). 'Lymph Est' presents the advance of Krefting's march, and stands as the purist distillation of his art to date. Taking the common garden apparatus of cassettes, mics and amplification, Krefting constructs a music of rare simplicity and abundant mystery. Treated voices, piano, samples and T.V. grabs are ushered into a series of soft-focus miniatures that are built to be razed in a perpetual cycle of triumph and defeat. 'Lymph Est' exists as a far-flung landscape where outline and definition are lost to time, and the fading signature of recall wanes to a pallid script. Mastered by Jason Lescalleet at Glistening Labs 'Lymph Est' arrives in a full color Krefting designed sleeve, with complimentary innerbags/labels in an edition of 400 copies". Kye

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