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Stewart Skinner / The Adulator / Cassette / Vitrine / VT13

Picture of The Adulator
Materiality thrown in the face of misanthropy. An empty bar somewhere. Tables with no one around them. Vitrine is proud to announce the first label-affiliated release from Texas-based artist Stewart Skinner. Fidelity confusion, dullness and inept string work wander across two cassette sides and forty minutes of bleak malfunction. Radio decays in a cloud as dense as the musk in an unfurnished bedroom. A blanket is rolled into the corner. Touchstones can be found in the sub-basement of Italian non-music, a space occupied by such singular projects as Lyoto Music and Amok. ‘The Adulator’ also harkens back to a homemade American sound which covers everything from the invasive electronics of early John Duncan to the exercises in collapse of Hands To circa Turn Back the Sun. This is the whirl of interference jammed around the erase head. Silence does not connote track breaks or continuity. Concern for nothing but sound in its vulgar sight. Stewart Skinner has been a pivotal figure in supporting and shaping the Vitrine aesthetic almost from its nascent beginning and it is with great pleasure that the label unveils such a mature and singular work. Limited to 100 copies. Vitrine.


Heinz Hopf / Ids Inte / Cassette / Vitrine / VT12

Picture of Ids Inte
Incendiary confusion amidst pointless data. A dumb nothing of electronics and vital intoxication. “I don’t care.” Vitrine kicks off its summer batch of releases with the latest cassette from Sweden’s Heinz Hopf. Dan Johansson and Matthias Andersson have been steadily contributing invaluable work to the experimental community, both local and international, throughout the 2000s, either via projects such as Johansson’s Sewer Election, Andersson’s Arv & Miljö, or the latter’s Release the Bats and IDDB record labels. For the past five years, Johansson and Andersson have been collectively delivering the next best thing to a bag full of Elkbrews and some MSNP tapes. There’s constant movement which never leads to progress as dense sound drops out to half-seconds of silence, following which the listener returns to another spot on the map, as if such a relocation mattered. High-yield noise without some vague pretense towards darkness or taboo. Limit points without the notion of a dotted line. It would be apt to call this a manifestation of pure, libidinal energy, if it wasn’t all so gloriously drunk and retarded. Sound for sound’s sake. Pleasure for no sake at all. Vitrine is nothing but proud to release thirty minutes of Gothenburg’s finest. Limited to 100 copies. Vitrine.


Matt Valentine / Midden Mound / 2 x Vinyl LP / Golden Lab Records / ROWF51

Picture of Midden Mound
"Massive, expansive new Matt ‘MV’ Valentine 2LP “Midden Mound” (ROWF 51) on Golden Lab Records. Featuring a host of guest performers, including Erika Elder, J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr), Jeremy Earle (Woods/Woodsist), P.G. Six and Michael Flower. An 11-track combination of sprawling jams including the incredible Rudy Rucker inspired “Freeware” and beautiful songs across two 180g slabs of wax. A truly wondrous, sun-blinded, summer stoner record that throws its sandals in the duffel bag, lets the sand slip through the toes and tramps off in the direction of a mirage of a gigantic effigy of Ganesh. Housed in a stunning, super-heavyweight UV coated gatefold jacket w/ enormous poster insert. Absolute must-have and Golden Lab’s personal record of the year. Do not miss! Golden Lab.


Gianni Giublena Rosacroce / Musica Da Camera Oscura / Vinyl LP / Holidays Records / HOL-080

Picture of Musica Da Camera Oscura
Gianni Giublena Rosacroce is the solo project of Stefano Isaia (Movie Star Junkies, La Piramide di Sangue) born with the aim to explore soundwise the Middle-Eastern shores of the Mediterranean. After two tape releases and a split 12inch, here's the debut longplayer recorded between home and the mountains with the participating help of Galilea Mallol between 2013 and 2014 and featuring companions Reverend F. Murphy and Mai Mai Mai in the side-long track Compendium Maleficarum. A caravan of percussions - lead by the haunting sound of the clarinet - wandering and dancing between the stands of a crowded market. Released on the Italy-based Holidays Records in a limited edition of 250 copies, pressed on black vinyl.


Konstrukt, Akira Sakata / Kaishi: Live at Kargart / 2 x Vinyl LP / Holidays Records / HOL-85

Picture of Kaishi: Live at Kargart
A new chapter of the ongoing series of live recordings of the Turkish quartet Konstrukt, this time teaming up with saxophonist Akira Sakata, already a key character of the Japanese free jazz movement since the 1970s. Recorded at Kargart in Istanbul on January 17th 2015, this seventy-minute long jam is one of the most psychedelic act of the band so far, with Sakata's growling shomyo-alike chant finding the perfect setting - like a snake charmer - in a jungle of constantly reinvented sound. Released on the Italy-based Holidays Records imprint in a limited edition of 200 copies, pressed on black vinyl.


Mercury Hall / Through The Imperial Family / Vinyl LP / A Dear Girl Called Wendy / WE38

Picture of Through The Imperial Family
Edition of 100 copies. One-sided LP. "Matteo Castro is one of the most active figure in noise scene. His new solo project Mercury Hall is distant for every thing he did before. Forgotten for a second his harsh noise roots, Castro delivers a long track of concrete music in honor of european artists from ’60. This is music is for sleepless nights created by ancient sounds, stolen memories and countryside silences. Deluxe packaging, inner printer sleeve, printed labels, transparent green vinyl." A Dear Girl Called Wendy.


Heinz Hopf / Ultra Primitiv / Vinyl LP / A Dear Girl Called Wendy / WE37

Picture of Ultra Primitiv
Edition of 100 copies. "Finest Gothenburg duo Heinz Hopf returns with their second LP, always on Wendy. Dan Johansson and Matthias Andresson created maybe the definitvie harsh noise record. Their noise is solid, dense, created with metal and feedback abuse, with right mix of power to experimental touch, but with a hint of pure pleasure. 40 minutes of pure harsh noise worship. If you vote for Incapacitants, grab this LP. Deluxe packaging, inner printer sleeve, printed labels, black vinyl. A Dear Girl Called Wendy.


Thee Ideal Gus / 99 / Vinyl LP / Planam / ideal planam

Picture of 99
Thee Ideal Gus began in Hamilton, New Zealand, in the early '90s, sprung from the same gene pool and time as Armpit, GFrenzy, and Pumice. Its participants include Sugar Jon Arcus, Clayton Noone, Indira Neville, Kaatarama "Motty" Morehu, Stefan Neville, Witcyst, Dan "Eemonk" Powell, and Rachel Garbott, but membership has never been settled or defined. The band have released numerous cassettes and lathe-cut records on such cult labels as Plop, Root Don Lonie for Cash, and Stabbies and the Rocket Recordings. Thee Ideal Gus love double-barreled year numbers, so during the year 1999, they conducted daily recordings in Whangarei and Wellsford in the far north of New Zealand, and Dunedin in the far south. Diaries were kept, artwork was assembled, and tapes were mailed up and down the country. In 1999, Stabbies and the Rocket Recordings released the resultant material as 1999, in an edition of 20 lathe-cut double LPs. 99 is a selection of material compiled from that ridiculous obscurity by Clayton Noone and Stefan Neville. The music Thee Ideal Gus made that year documented the days as they happened. It charted weather patterns, prophesied the future, and celebrated team sports. Eddie Murphy and Yoko Ono are held in equally high regard. Nude drunk partying and the New Zealand general election of 1999 are all there in this record, on which a rusted clothes line is played alongside an elementary school xylophone, sampled techno records, and ukulele through a heavy metal pedal. It is mundane and marvelous. Edition of 200 copies in very elaborate packaging, including prints on acetate, xerox inserts, and several hand-drawn original artworks. Planam.


Pumice / Poise Etc / Vinyl LP / Planam / planamice

Picture of Poise Etc
A collection of Pumice recordings from 1993-'99, when teenagers Sugar Jon Arcus and Stefan Neville learned about music by doing it. The album covers the earliest days of the band recording on ghetto blasters with untuneable guitars at home in Whatawhata and Hamilton, New Zealand. There are a couple of recordings from their first public performance with drummer Ugly Dog Davies, at which their friends yelled at them relentlessly. There is material from their years spent living in Dunedin, NZ, with cassette four-track machines. Living cheaply in a cheap city with pet dogs and all the time in the world. Finally, the album includes music from the move back north to Hamilton and Auckland. Material that was released in microscopic editions as lathe-cut 7"s and cassettes, documenting Arcus's final participation in Pumice activities. The LP features trio and duo recordings as well as solo recordings by both Arcus and Neville. The basic multi-directional creative impulse for which Pumice is known is there from the beginning. One-chord pop songs, crumbling folk music, and smeared-organ sound-sculptures. Small speakers shitting themselves with distortion and tape saturation. Acoustic guitars twanging and Neville and Arcus clearly learning to write songs of real quality. This music-making manages to be bold, reckless, and stupid, as well as delicate, sad, and instinctive. Pumice has always done whatever the fuck it wants to. Edition of 300 copies in silkscreened sleeve. Planam.


Witcyst / Screuma/Chilli Song / Vinyl LP / Planam / planeuma

Picture of Screuma/Chilli Song
Since the early 1990s, Michael Veet aka Witcyst has been the stunning secret diamond of the New Zealand noise underground. A short-circuiting monolith on top of the rubbish heap of NZ art and sound. This LP contains two pieces originally issued on cassettes in 1995. "Screuma" sounds like a guitar being fed through a washing machine -- a giant guitar made from old medicine bottles and beard hair. The washing machine is on full spin and it has pinecones in it. Witcyst mumbles a running commentary. It goes on and on. All outputs are fed back into the inputs. "Chilli Song" is a Witcyst rock song stretched into a spitting blur of strumming and singing. Streaks of hiss and saturation swamp and dissolve the riff. Someone is frying old meat and Witcyst has a lot to say about it. It goes on and on. All outputs are fed back into the inputs. Witcyst's instructions for completing the sleeve artwork: "If the vinyl comes with unprinted blank card covers rub them a bit on rough concrete, cut out the center holes like a 12" sleeve, but not perfect circle -- like rough chop chop. Hack or lay a cover on wood, slab with a big metal pipe end, slam down off center like cutting with a cookie cutter, and tear the centers out. That would be goodly!" Witcyst lives and works in a concrete-floor shed in Whangarei, in the far north of New Zealand. His releases on his own labels Extemporization and LifeSpace run into the thousands. Each item is hand-made from insect casings, old X-rays, beer cans, and elbow grease. Exquisite drawings, obsessive collage, unreadable calligraphy, and photocopying onto tinfoil. His music is always a surprise and wrestles every potential sound out of endless mutations of endless new ideas. Every variation is layered, wrung out, and exploded. It is the freest of all the free noises. A complete drooling feast for the eyes and ears. Witcyst makes everyone else seem like a baby with a coloring book and one crayon. Edition of 300 copies in DIY sleeve. Planam.


Jon Collin / Early Music / Vinyl LP / Winebox Press / no catalogue #

Picture of Early Music
New solo acoustic guitar material in an abstract confessional style from the end of winter just gone, recorded to reel-to-reel by Patrick Crane in Manchester and Stockport (with some source recordings made by Jon Marshall in Sheffield). Comes with a risograph-printed b&w insert. Winebox Press.


Hour House / Chiltern / Vinyl LP / Penultimate Press / PP16

Picture of Chiltern
Conceived whilst wandering through the iron bark forests and gold fields of country Victoria the official debut by Melbourne’s Hour House gifts a musical blueprint marinated in mystery, beauty, sound and song. Hour House is the Melbourne based duo of Mark Leacy and Sam Kenna, formerly of the Newcastle based outfit Castings. Penultimate Press is proud to release their official debut LP Chiltern. Comprised of individual tracks folded into two side long suites Chiltern is an unique excursion through foreign encounters, warm surrounds and disorientating comfort. Field recordings, electronics, samples, guitars, voice and atmospherics all contribute to form a bewitching whole. Many questions are raised: Is this a soundtrack to a mental experience or an altered take on a familiar reality? Is section 3 based around the sound of a basketball court? Does section 4 comprise a song? Where do the original soviet science fiction soundtracks fit into all this? Is this sound or music? Simultaneously ambiguous and accessible Chiltern is a ride unlike another and resides as the consciousness tickling release of 2015. Mastered by Jason Lescalleet at Glistening Labs, Chiltern comes limited to 400 copies in high gloss sleeve with stunning artwork by Alice Wormald. The vinyl is housed in charcoal black inner sleeves complimented with a deluxe creme insert. Penultimate Press.


Thought Broadcast / Social Acid / Cassette / Personnel / PER004

Picture of Social Acid
Shuffling, hidden and subterranean electronics. On “Social Acid” the musical element of TB is stripped away further and the underlying machinery shows through even more. This recording continues the dark hallucinations of classic noise and industrial to unparalleled heights of depersonalization. The most remarkable thing about TB, and what comprises such a huge part of his sound, is the perfectly distorted and tape coated production. This is music that exists at the forefront of an underground lineage but still bears the fidelity of some of the earliest 80’s tape experiments in the genre--wherein the difference between matter and sound became obscured. The attitude expressed here could be considered post-punk in the sense of this being the inevitable end of where punk music would have lead in a perpetual urban dystopia. Once the final transformation takes place you can barely distinguish the dissonant echoes of guitar, vocals and everyday rhythms of rock ‘n roll music. It is a rare occasion that TB steps from the shadows, but when he does it’s always the work that does the speaking. "Social Acid" raises the standard even higher. In an edition of 100 copies on labelled, high-grade cobalt cassettes. Personnel Records.


LR (Loke Rahbek) / The Fragility Of Happiness / Vinyl LP / Morte Creations / Morte_9

Picture of The Fragility Of Happiness
LR aka Loke Rahbek - Fusion of power electronics and industrial relying heavily on brooding hypnotic synth work, nuanced feedbacks and metal concrete sounds with an edge towards devotional music and contemporary electronics. Limited to 300 copies and released on the US-based Morte Creations label.


Croatian Amor, Rose Alliance / The Gold Of The Good Sister / 7" Vinyl / Morte Creations / Morte_10

Picture of The Gold Of The Good Sister
Limited edition 7", pressed on translucent pink vinyl. "Croation Amor deliver a glorious track of bubblegum industrial, whilst Rose Alliance hit us hard with some heavy rhythmical post industrial". Morte Creations.


Joe McPhee / Solos : The Lost Tapes (1980 - 1981 - 1984) / Vinyl LP / Roaratorio / roar38

Picture of Solos : The Lost Tapes (1980 - 1981 - 1984)
In 1976, Joe McPhee recorded the landmark album Tenor, kicking off a solo period of finding and refining the distinctive voice that continues to inform his music to this day. Solos : The Lost Tapes (1980 – 1981 – 1984) is a collection of material from McPhee’s personal archives that shines new light on the legendary multi-instrumentalist’s work during this time. “Wind Cycles,” for tenor saxophone, explores the permutations of breath on reed and brass, from quiet whispers to full-throated cries and back again. With “The Redwood Rag,” McPhee takes a jaunty melody and gives it a swinging workout with Steve Lacy-like precision. The free-blowing alto excursion “Ice Blu” is, in McPhee’s words, “a sound which evokes an image, which asks a question ‘What is that?’ and the answer is, a sound which evokes an image which asks a question.” “Voices,” one of his signature compositions, gets a particularly haunting treatment here on soprano, with McPhee incorporating various electronics to mesmerizing effect. All together, Solos : The Lost Tapes (1980 – 1981 – 1984) is the distilled essence of one of the most important creative improvising musicians of our time. Cover art by Judith Lindbloom. Includes a download coupon for the full album plus a bonus interview, conducted at the New Music America Festival in 1981. Roaratorio.


Ghedalia Tazartes / La Bar Mitzvah Du Chien / Vinyl LP / Bisou Records / BIS-002-U

Picture of La Bar Mitzvah Du Chien
Another shamanic journey in Tazartès's universe. He sings and plays all the instruments and samples, recorded in the very same room as all his other solo records since 1974. Performed, produced, and recorded by Ghédalia Tazartès for Bisou in 2012. Tazartès's son, Lalo, can be heard on "Don't Cry for Me, Mamma." The front cover is a picture of Quentin Rollet, shot by Yannick Ressigeac. The back features a drawing by Lalo Tazartès. Mastered by F/Lor.


Vanessa Rossetto, Kevin Parks / Severe Liberties / CD / Erstwhile Records / erstaeu004

Picture of Severe Liberties
"Severe Liberties" by Kevin Parks and Vanessa Rossetto. Three lengthy (53 minutes) pieces recorded July 25 and 26, 2014, in New York City. Released in CD format on the US-based Erstwhile Records label.


Nick Hoffman, Devin Disanto / Three Exercises / CD / Erstwhile Records / erstaeu005

Picture of Three Exercises
"Three Exercises" by Devin Disanto and Nick Hoffman. Recorded at St. Thomas the Apostle Elementary School, West Hartford, CT, on August 8-9, 2014. With electronic sounds generated in reeal-time using FM and dynamic stochastic synthesis. Released in CD format on US-based Erstwhile Records label.


Daikyofuroshiki / Live In Japan 2014 / Cassette / Wild Flesh Productions / TBC

Picture of Live In Japan 2014
Daikyofuroshiki's (大凶風呂敷) "Live In Japan 2014" was "recorded during their Japan tour in 2014, capturing K-Mical-Mico, Shiraishi, and Buerhaus at a tense juncture, buffeted by Buerhaus’s aggressive electronics, Shiraishi’s tense, slicing saxophone, and K-Mical-Mico’s mysterious organ rhythms. Limited edition C40 tape on Buerhaus’s own Wild Flesh Productions label.


Hans Essel / Zeitfalten / 2 x Vinyl LP / Edition Telemark / 314.05

Picture of Zeitfalten
After 2013's Saitensack LP, this edition showcases another long-running project by Darmstadt-based composer Hans Essel (b. 1948). Zeitfalten (time folds) is music for tape machines: Using a Revox A77 reel tape recorder, the tape is led around a guide between the record head and the replay head. Each recorded sound is replayed after nine seconds and added to the input sound. Optionally, the tape can be led to a second A77 where it is replayed once again and selectively re-added to the input. Utilizing these methods, Essel builds a sediment of sound where every auditory event returns again and again, yet is distorted and diminished over time. Each tone has to deal with the past and at the same time defines the future. Zeitfalten thus allows for tape machines to become instruments of musical articulation. The character of sound is partly defined by the input sources used. Since its introduction in 1988, Zeitfalten has gone through a number of setups utilizing different sound sources. This edition collects four recordings: Suite I (1989, viola and voice), Messages (1990, radio signals), Reportage (1994, pre-recorded voices) and Falten (1996, two tape machines without external input). While Suite I is an environment with almost no control over the replaying process, a mixer was added for the other three setups. Edition of 100 copies. Two picture disc LPs containing images of the reels used. Gatefold PVC sleeve. The inside contains two large stickers with liner notes. Edition Telemark.


Hans Essel / Saitensack / Vinyl LP / Edition Telemark / 314.01

Picture of Saitensack
First-ever release for Darmstadt-based composer Hans Essel who has been active in improvised music and Grundlagenmusik (foundational music) for more than 20 years. This LP showcases his project Saitensack (string-bag) in which he develops new ways of playing the violin and viola. Comparisons could be drawn to other experimental violinists like Tony Conrad and Takehisa Kosugi but Hans Essel uses a far more stripped-down approach: The instruments are neither modified nor amplified. Strings are not pressed by fingers but rather damped. Only through bowing, they are excited to complex free vibrations, sometimes harsh and noisy, at other times reminiscent of uilleann pipes with cracking and breaking like in yodeling. Saitensack focuses on the origin of tones out of the noise, zooming into the very character of string instruments. Saitensack is pure violin. The essence of violin playing. Side A features an overtone-rich performance from 1994. Side B has a harsher 1999 recording: 24 minutes of pure violin noise bliss. Edition of 500 with printed inner sleeve featuring a Saitensack discussion transcript. Edition Telemark.


Hans Rudolf Zeller / Hans Rudolf Zeller / Vinyl LP / Edition Telemark / 314.04

Picture of Hans Rudolf Zeller
Hans Rudolf Zeller (b. 1934 in Berlin) is best-known for being a music theorist, essayist and writer on contemporary music. His essays on Dieter Schnebel, Iannis Xenakis, microtonality etc., often published in the German journal "Musik-Konzepte", are deemed being among the best ever written on new music. Apart from that, he has since the 1960s maintained his own artistic work, most of which has not been published or only seen the light of day in private micro-editions. Zeller's work often involves combining multiple dimensions (texts, vocals, visual projections) into one cinematological literature. This LP edition is an attempt at collecting various elements of Zeller's work. All recordings have been made within the last 10 years, yet many of the underlying concepts date back to the 1960s or 1970s. Contained are two scriptophonies (works combining writing and vocals, with the notion of writing being extended in ways not unlike those Carlfriedrich Claus and Gerhard Rühm have shown), two vocal improvisations, one piece of Tesa sounds (sounds produced by adhesive tape), and one piece for horn. The full-color sleeve and inner sleeve show Tesa pictures made between 1961 and 1970, and one collage from 2010. There is one insert with detailed liner notes by Zeller in German and English, and another insert showing a relic of a scriptophony. Edition of 300. Edition Telemark.


Paul Panhuysen / Pendulum Change Ringing / Vinyl LP / Edition Telemark / 314.03

Picture of Pendulum Change Ringing
First vinyl LP edition by Dutch sound and visual artist Paul Panhuysen since 1986. In terms of sound art, Paul Panhuysen is well-known for his long string installations, yet he has produced a vast amount of other sound installations using different materials and sound sources ranging from various instruments to animals such as birds. This LP contains a recording of the installation "Pendulum Change Ringing", displayed at Pand Koloniale Waren in Hasselt (Belgium) in 2012. The installation consists of twelve engraved Turkish metal platters, each mounted onto a black plastic bin, and placed in a 20 meters long row. The rim of each platter is hit by a metal pendulum operated by a tiny electromotor. Each hit causes the platter to resonate with a rich sound texture full of dissonant overtones. During the recording, the twelve pendulums are activated one after the other. The paces at which they swing differ due to their rods having different lengths. This causes interlocking rhythmic patterns to emerge that become more complex with each step and never stay the same. Hits aggregate into clusters, then thin out again. The sound is not chaotic, yet its regularity is hard to comprehend. "You might call Pendulum Change Ringing a typical Paul Panhuysen piece: it works according to a system, quite a simple one in fact, but its effect surpasses that apparent simplicity by far." (René van Peer) Edition of 300 copies. Full-color sleeve with photos of the installation and liner notes by René van Peer. Black poly-lined inner sleeve. Edition Telemark.


Wolf Vostell / Concert Fluxus "Sara-Jevo" / Vinyl LP / Edition Telemark, Tochnit Aleph / 314.02

Picture of Concert Fluxus "Sara-Jevo"
Wolf Vostell's "Concert Fluxus Sara-Jevo", a co-release on Edition Telemark and Tochnit Aleph. Realised at Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró in Mallorca, Spain. September 9, 1994, with Wolf Vostell using actions, electronics, and tapes, and Nancy Bellow as soprano. Released in an edition of 450 copies, in full-color gatefold sleeve plus printed inner sleeve featuring photos of the concert. Edition Telemark, Tochnit Aleph.


Lieven Moana, Lieven Martens / Music From The Guardhouse / Cassette / Edicoes CN / 10.2

Picture of Music From The Guardhouse
Recorded in Antwerp. Winter / spring 2012 – 2013, and spring 2015. Inspired by a poem of Percy Shelley, mid 20th century radio plays, and – of course – an island. This cassette is a revised version of the eponymous LP, released two years ago. A playwright visits an uninhabited island. He takes a rest in an abandoned lighthouse, nods off and enters the island’s mind. Through transfiguration into the isle’s forms – rock, shrubs, water, its fauna and flora, … - he becomes the island. Mastered by Christophe Albertijn. Risograph printed covers. Lay Out by Jeroen Wille and Anna Papanastasiou. Released in an edition of 150 copies on the artist's own Edicioes CN label.


Dolphins Into The Future, Lieven Moana, Lieven Martens / Songs Of Gold, Incandescent / Vinyl LP / Edicoes CN / ECN 6.4

Picture of Songs Of Gold, Incandescent
Recorded in Antwerp and on location, 2010–2014. Songs Of Gold are nine small portraits. Five tracks that where featured on the cassette versions PLUS four extra tracks for this vinyl version. Culled from compilations, limited run cassette releases, choreographies, and 7” singles. Some pieces were worked on for a length of time, others materialized in just about one take. All the songs are derived by an encounter with an object, a place or a person. Or by a combination of these. The events are translated into the work through the intermediary of symbolic sounds and notes. There is no thematic link between the compositions. Mastered by Christophe Albertijn. Offset printed covers. Lay Out by Jeroen Wille and Anna Papanastasiou. Issued on the artist's own Edicoes CN label in an edition of 170 copies.


Miaux / Above The High Rays / Cassette / Ultra Eczema / ultra eczema 196

Picture of Above The High Rays
Tears seem to have made sufficient space for a shy smile on Miaux’s latest audio massage, although the general mood remains that of being ”alone in a bar at 6am while the cleaner politely asks you to put your feet up, like all the other furniture“. Let’s keep things simple and clear, like in Sarajevo: A and B are the same on this cassette; the audio was created as a soundtrack for a screening of René Clair's silent movie Paris Qui Dort from 1923. Miaux must have been younger than her wild child is right now. Being woken up with Tubular Bells daily as a child instead of the ringtone that seems to be stuck in Antwerp cathedral certainly made its mark… Instead of of playing with talking dolls everyday, Miaux had to drill for gold to procure a bowl of Balkan soup, resulting in the beauty her destroyed hands push out of these keys! Released on Ultra Eczema in an edition of 150 copies. Ultra Eczema.


Robbie Basho / The Falconer's Arm Vol 1 / Vinyl LP / No Label / C 1017LP

Picture of The Falconer's Arm Vol 1
First reissue of Robbie Basho's The Falconer's Arm, Vol. 1, originally released by John Fahey's Takoma label in 1967. The Falconer's Arm pair of LPs (this record and the simultaneously reissued Vol. 2 (C 1018LP)) is widely considered Basho's best work; monumental pieces of folk guitar invention from the pioneer, fusing the drones of Indian raga with flamenco and traditional folk. Fully remastered with excellent sound. Limited edition pressing of 500 copies.


Robbie Basho / The Falconer's Arm Vol 2 / Vinyl LP / No Label / C 1018LP

Picture of The Falconer's Arm Vol 2
First reissue of Robbie Basho's The Falconer's Arm, Vol. 2, originally released by John Fahey's Takoma label in 1967. The Falconer's Arm pair of LPs (this record and the simultaneously reissued Vol. 1 (C 1017LP)) is widely considered Basho's best work; monumental pieces of folk guitar invention from the pioneer, with guitar lines in unusual tunings influenced by both blues and Indian music. Fully remastered with excellent sound. Limited edition pressing of 500 copies.


Andrew Chalk / A Light At The Edge Of The World / CD / Faraway Press / FP025

Picture of A Light At The Edge Of The World
Another beautiful release by UK drone/sound-artist Andrew Chalk. "A Light At The Edge Of The World" is handmade by Faraway Press, housed in a mini CD slipcase with wooden spine on inner sleeve, clothbound spines, offset printed papers, and debossed motifs. The disc "captures the fading essences and glow of "Forty-Nine Views In Rhapsodies' Wave Serene" (released on Faraway Press in 2012), in a single 40 minute piece for electric piano atmospherics. Its predecessor being an album of romanticised vistas, is concluded here in a restrained and delicate homage of poetic impressionism. Beautifully mastered by Denis Blackham and packaged in completely handmade mini slipcase sleeves by Faraway Press. Faraway Press.


Rosen & Spyddet / Tristian Og Isolde / 7" Vinyl / Total Black / totalblack30

Picture of Tristian Og Isolde
45 RPM 7" from this Danish synth pop group following the recent "Fortuna" LP on Posh Isolation, and several cassette titles on Janushoved & Posh Isolation. Released on limited edition 7" vinyl by the Canada-based Total Black label.


Keith Rowe / Live At Fairfield Chapel / Cassette / Idiopathic Records / IR007

Picture of Live At Fairfield Chapel
Live set by Keith Rowe (AMM) recorded at Fairfield Chapel. Released as a limited edition cassette tape on the US-based Idiopathic Records.


Joseph Hammer / Live In Los Angeles October 2013 / Cassette / Idiopathic Records / IR006

Picture of Live In Los Angeles October 2013
Great set from Joseph Hammer, recorded live in LA in October 2013. Released on US-based Idopathic Records in a limited run cassette. Sold out at source.


Malcolm Goldstein / Full Circle Sounding / Vinyl LP / Kye / kye34

Picture of Full Circle Sounding
Kye is proud to present 'Full Circle Sounding', the brand new LP by Montréal-based composer, improviser and violinist Malcolm Goldstein. 'Full Circle Sounding' comprises the complete recording of Goldstein's headline set at the 2014 Kye Festival, which took place at Issue Project Room in Brooklyn, NY: 'Judson Piece #6 (with improvised violin extensions)', "but one bird sang not", and 'Sheep Meadow (with improvised violin extensions), plus an additional new studio improvisation 'Soundings', recorded specifically to complement the Kye Festival set. 'Full Circle Sounding' arrives in a monochrome matte stock sleeve featuring original Goldstein graphic art, and comes with a booklet of program notes/recollections. "I follow the line, am molded by it, yielding, as I mold it like a brook after rain pours through dirt, rocks, trees and grass, finding new subtle twists and turns as things moved, are moved in the flow....." (Malcolm Goldstein). Edition of 500 copies. Kye.


Joe McPhee, John Snyder / To Be Continued / Vinyl LP / Kye / kye35

Picture of To Be Continued
Kye is proud to present the release of 'To Be Continued', a previously unpublished 1973 performance, documenting the first meeting of Joe McPhee and John Snyder. "On a Sunday afternoon in the summer of 1973, a group of mostly non-professional musicians/music lovers, literally friends and neighbors came together to present a concert in a communal ritual ANCIENT TO THE FUTURE, for friends and neighbors at Holy Cross Monastery in West Park, NY. The Episcopal order graciously made their facilities available for concerts in 1968 and my first recordings for CJRecords -Underground Railroad in 1968. Just a few months earlier I met John Snyder, who had recently acquired an ARP2600 analog synthesizer and immediately the "what if" scenario of such a musical adventure moved from imagination to reality." (Joe McPhee). Mastered by Jason Lescalleet at Glistening Labs, 'To Be Continued' arrives in a full color hi gloss sleeve, featuring archival photos from the concert, and comes with an insert containing program notes/recollections by Joe McPhee, and a download card to access the complete unedited 60 minute concert recording. Edition of 500 copies. Kye.


Torturing Nurse / Small Leave / Vinyl LP / A Dear Girl Called Wendy / WE34

Picture of Small Leave
Prolific Chinese artist Torturing Nurse returns to vinyl format. 4 tracks of harsh and abundant noise but with psychedelic touch in vein of CCCC. 22 minutes long. Mastered by Riccardo Mazza in late 2014. Black vinyls, printed labels and inner sleeve, one time limited pressing of 100 copies. A Dear Girl Called Wendy.


Embudagonn 108 / Dissection of Chronus / Vinyl LP / A Dear Girl Called Wendy / WE33

Picture of Dissection of Chronus
Embudagonn 108 is Wataru Kasahara, hermetic artist from Tokyo. The recording on "Dissection of Chronus" spans over 30 years. Started in 1984, continued in 1988, finished in mid 2014. Field recordings smashed with disturbingly electronic sounds, echoes of an old instruments lost in our memories. Kasahara describes his work in these words: 'my symbolism is a decorative trap. You and I are in the absurd game. This music is killed, dissected and discarded music'. ​​ Mastered by Riccardo Mazza in late 2014. ​​ A one-time pressing, on white vinyl with printed labels and inner sleeve. Released on A Dear Girl Called Wendy in a run of just 100 copies.


Peter Brotzmann, Han Bennink, Fred Van Hove / FMP0130 / Vinyl LP / Cien Fuegos / CF012

Picture of FMP0130
Superb one-time-only deluxe reissue of "FMP0130", orginally released in 1973, with Peter Brotzmann on clarinet/alt-tenor-bariton-bass-saxophone, Fred Van Hove on celesta/piano, and Han Bennink on drums/khene/rhythm-box/selfmade clarinet/gachi/oe-oe /voice/tins/home-made junk/elong/dhung/kaffir piano/dhung-dkar. Recorded in Bremen, Germany, on Feb. 25, 1973, by recording engineer Dietram Köster. Pressed on 180g vinyl and housed in stunning gatefold sleeve designed by Brotzmann and with photographs by Dagmar Gebers and Krista Brötzmann. Released on Cien Fuegos in a one-time run of 750 copies. Cien Fuegos.


Olymphia / Music for a Dance Performance / Vinyl LP / Posh Isolation / poshisolation155

Picture of Music for a Dance Performance
Olymphia is the shared work of Kristian Emdal and Loke Rahbek and their first LP finds them in an electro-acoustic blur between rhythmical work, music concrete and modular and string based drones. 'Music for a Dance Performance' was recorded over two years between Copenhagen’s Mayhem and Stockholm’s EMS studios. 'Music for a Dance Performance' shows Olymphia parting with their former figure of intense physical music and moving towards a more refined yet no less intense expression. A triumphant mutation of audio media, like going from athletics to dance. Dance demands a degree of service higher than any other performing arts or sport. In sport the signs of effort are not concealed. On the contrary, making an effort visible is part of the display - people expect it. Dance is quite different. Actions within the dance performance should seem effortless and enact being both completely in the body, whilst at the same time transcending it. With Olymphia’s debut album, Emdal and Rahbek are portraying a not yet executed dance performance through five pieces of seemingly effortless dialogue. 'Music For a Dance Performance' is ultimately an ode to the potential of dance. Released on Posh Isolation in an edition of 500 copies. Posh Isolation.

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