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Zaïmph / Between The Infinite And The Finite / Vinyl LP / Yew / YEW007

Zaïmph / Between The Infinite And The Finite / Vinyl LP / Yew / YEW007


Artist: Zaïmph

Title: Between The Infinite And The Finite 

Format: Vinyl LP, Limited Edition

Label: Yew 

Catalogue #: YEW007

Country: USA

Date Released: December 2016


'Between The Infinite And The Finite' is ZAIMPH's first solo studio recording. Three new improvisations capture field recordings of stolen conversations, live radio and echoes that shimmer in a reverberant magnetic darkness of empty corridors. Spectral spaces entwine with the corporeal, amplified strings blossom in explosions, repetition and ominous tones of destruction and decline slowly sequence into a fragile space of beauty. The instinctive activity seeps into our deepest subconscious.  ZAIMPH is the solo project of Marcia Bassett (Double Leopards/Hototogisu/GHQ). Since the mid-90s Marcia Bassett has been exploring free-form improvisational music and spontaneous sound in her collaborations and solo work. 'Between The Infinite And The Finite' is comprised of three new works using analog & digital synthesizers, processed voice, field recordings, piano and amplified strings.  Recorded in the intimacy of Brooklyn's Bunker Studios. A horror takes form in the living contradiction which exists in the clash between the infinite and the finite. Everything that's here exists. Spring Equinox 2016. 

Art work by Marcia Bassett

LP limited to 300 copies

Recorded by Stephen Conover

Bunker Studios, 2016


Side A

Absence & Presence

Equinox Reprise

Side B

Entropic Horror