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Miaux / Above The High Rays / Cassette / Ultra Eczema / Ultra Eczema 196
Tears seem to have made sufficient space for a shy smile on Miaux's latest audio massage, although the general mood remains that of being ”alone in a bar at 6am while the cleaner politely asks you to put your feet up, like all the other furniture“. Let's keep things simple and clear, like in Sarajevo: A and B are the same on this cassette; the audio was created as a soundtrack for a screening of René Clair's silent movie Paris Qui Dort from 1923. Miaux must have been younger than her wild child is right now. Being woken up with Tubular Bells daily as a child instead of the ringtone that seems to be stuck in Antwerp cathedral certainly made its mark… Instead of playing with talking dolls everyday, Miaux had to drill for gold to procure a bowl of Balkan soup, resulting in the beauty her destroyed hands push out of these keys!
Cannibal / Cannibal / Vinyl LP / Ultra Eczema / UE219
“When the hotel is empty before the fire alarm goes off , one could question the staff — or the band that emptied it. Cannibal like their ice – cream dark ; one of their members makes GG Allin look petite when visiting the restaurant, mixing it up with the restroom. This band is the result of a staff meeting between Detroit – based book beatnik, toy thief and original Destroy All Monsters member Cary Loren ; Paris – based, Californian visual artist and member of Gobbler Cameron Jamie; and Blankenberghe-based con-artist and footballteam manager Dennis Tyfus. This meeting resulted in several collage concerts — including a memorable gig at a wedding party where the members of Cannibal out – dressed the bride and the groom — and a previous record on the New York – based book/artist record publisher Primary Information. We find ourselves here, stuck at a rave where the DJ only plays slide guitar on his eye phoam, backed – up by a poet that smells as bad as I do, and a baboon attempting to erect his snake Maganga-style. Two side – long collages that drag you from the restroom to the ballroom, via the deepest armpits of the basement where The Cramps used to do their sit-ups — with their wigs on.” Limited to 300 copies
Dog Lady Island / Chopin / Vinyl LP / Ultra Eczema / Ultra Eczema 234
Dog Lady Island, also known as Dog Lady — monikers of multi-instrumentalist Michael Collino — plopped out of the sewers of Michigan in 2009 via the same skate scene that included Aaron Dilloway, Nate Young and Heath Moerland. They composed their rigs from homemade instruments and deteriorated electronics to create a particular brand of Michigan noise — sparse, horror-inflected and psychedelic. Dog Lady’s early work was mostly of the drone violin variety, later evolving into de-tuned strings and rewired Marantz tape deck antics. On ‘Chopin’, Dog Lady Island turns the spotlight on the dark side of the disco ball, rendering the composer’s famous Nocturnes and Preludes with just a zither and with mesmerising results.” Limited to 300 copies
Hiele Martens / Lips / Vinyl LP / Ultra Eczema / UE228
Lips pairs Roman Hiele — the ultimate Antwerp cocktail karaoke swinger — and Lieven Martens — “dad of the year“, field recordist and English teacher. This outing, the duo’s first, was recorded at the venerable electronic studios of Worm in Rotterdam and at Studio De Ziltige Olijf in central Antwerp, where the stench of salty human bulk creeps into your mouth from about a mile away. During Hiele-Martens’ few concerts one could detect and, indeed, savour a Jiskefet-like attention to detail: the correct lighting, and a sensitivity towards ‘tiny‘ sounds (such as ice cubes — shaken, not stirred — and little bells). The recordings on this LP make the ears work like they should, and they therefore require your full attention.” Full-colour sleeve — a portrait of the duo by Dennis Tyfus — plus insert.
Magisch Theater Productions / Magisch Theater Productions / Vinyl LP / Ultra Eczema / ultra eczema#119
Since the beginning of the 80's Sandy Nys (aka Maghtea) has been involved in a million of industrial, ritual ambient, noise, wave etc solo or group projects, his main thing since some decades remains HYBRYDS, though he is one of the Belgian hometaping pioneers, alongside ClubMoral and Alain Neffe of "Insane Music". Long before Hybryds, Sandy was, like every decent human being, fucking around at home with tape loops, tandy microphones, acoustics and metals, korg ms 10 synth and korg sequencers, a ton of marantz and sanyo cassette decks! which resulted in a bunch of amazing obscure cassette releases! This lp collects 2 selections from 2 Magisch Theater cassettes from 1983, the A side is a selection from a untitled cassette and the flip has a soundtrack made for a painting exhibtion by Peter Braet. The cover photo was taken by Eric Didden for a fanzine called MAD IN BELGIUM and the back photo was taken for a news paper article on hometaping, all from Sandy's archive. this record comes with 2 inserts of the original cassette sleeves, and is limited to 250 copies only! This LP collects 2 selections from 2 Magisch Theater releases from 1983. The A side is taken from an untitled cassette. The B side contains a soundtrack made for a painting exhibtion by Peter Braet, released on a cassette titled Mr.Minimummuziek & Het Magisch Theater. Comes with 2 inserts of the original cassette sleeves and a booklet containing "a short history of the 1983 Belgian underground K7 scene" and some newspaper / magazine articles. All photo's and cover art are from Sandy Nys' archive. Limited to 250 copies. Credits: Layout – Jef Cuypers. Photography [Front Cover] – Eric Didden"
Dennis Tyfus / Summer Whine / Art Book / Ultra Eczema / ultra eczema 215
A visual report of sorts, collecting 64 full-colour drawings from the past six months or so. These drawings were intended as working sketches for paintings, though the latter never materialised. Instead, you can ponder what might’ve been in the privacy of your own home. This compendium of unrealised potential is offset printed and clad in a beautiful letterpress linen cover. Not much to whine about, after all.
Dennis Tyfus / Up- And Downgrades Pt.1 / Art Book / Ultra Eczema / UE239
For his first solo exhibition at Pinkie Bowtie, which ran between 15 April and 7 May this year, Dennis Tyfus has gone back to basics. Using the age-old tradition of the self – portrait, he draws a pathetic yet whimsical tale of daily life and the mundane annoyances that befall him. These inconsequential frustrations are offset by bright and poppy colours, resulting in a deceptively cheerful set of drawings, luring you in. This catalog ue collects all the drawings that were shown during the exhibition, in addition to several which were produced concurrently but not displayed. A4; full-colour offset print. Layout by Jef Cuypers ; introduction by Allon Kaye