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Metabolismus / Spiraltendenz / Vinyl LP / Troglosound / troglosound035
METABOLISMUS "SPIRALTENDENZ" LP 12" black vinyl, handmade paste-on fluo paper, sprayed labels, ltd edition of 200 copies "After ten years from the date of its recording (2003), this surreal jam between kaleidoscopic Stuttgart's collective Metabolismus and evergreen American improviser Eugene Chadbourne, is finally turning into a wax. You'll have the cheerful feeling of listening to Sun Ra jamming with Stockhausen while together on a trip to Stonedland! What's on this record is basically high lysergic psychedelia meeting crazy free jazz, with some spared funky grooves and fragmented tapes manipulations. You'll be astonished by the amazing piano and guitar work by Chadbourne and some umbelievably freaky winds and analog synths' puzzles. Last but not least, this is a fully analog production straight from reels to vinyl for top sound quality, deep and warm as it's supposed to be. Recorded and produced at the most amazing Studio ever (Sumsilobatem, Degenfeld). Don't miss the chance to have this pearl in your collection before it's gone. ""
Bear Bones Lay Low / Vagaciones II / Cassette / Troglosound / troglosound 097
CS-40 clear tape, limited edition of 55 copies. Sold-out-at-source. "Second chapter of Bear Bones Lay Low on the Vagaciones series (the first came out a couple of years ago on our fellow's label Young Girls from Liege), which is probably Ernesto Gonzalez most psychedelic freak-out excursus in music. On this one the leading figures are the dreamy piano melodies and the obsessive percussive lines, surrounded by an aura of minimal electronics sounds. All this recorded straight on tape and quite lo-fi, which helps keeping it trippy and foggy. Drawing by Virginia Genta, inner picture by David Vanzan shot on the Ocean somewhere around Northern California, during the Jooklo Duo & Bear Bones Lay Low West Coast tour of April 2014. ""