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Tart / Bring In The Admiral / Vinyl LP / Swill Radio / Swill Radio 022 /
Tart (Graham Lambkin, Karla Borecky, Scott Foust) present the world with their second LP, Bring in the Admiral. Since the release of their first LP, Radio Orange, Tart has been plying their trade at various shows in the northeast U.S. Using the same minimal instrumentation as the live shows (two small Casios, guitar, and shotwave/cassette boombox, plus a few odds and ends and the Anti-Naturals trademark tight editing), Tart produces a dazzling array of scenarios, a testament to senseless deranged beauty. Beautiful color cover. Who doesn't need a little Tart in their life?
Idea Fire Company / Days / 7" Vinyl / Plinkity Plonk Records, Swill Radio / plink030, swillradio032"
Idea Fire Company / Days / 7" Vinyl / Plinkity Plonk Records, Swill Radio / plink030, swillradio032"
Idea Fire Company / Postcards / Vinyl LP / Swill Radio / swillradio#033
"2013 marks both the 25th anniversary of IFCO and the 30th anniversary of Swill Radio, so what better way to start the celebrations than with a brand new IFCO LP? Postcards is a reworking of a cassette originally released by No Basement Is Deep Enough in 2011. Re-ordered, remixed, remade, and remodeled Postcards presents a more charming atmosphere than Music From The Impossible Salons (Kye) stark melancholy. There is still plenty of piano and sad scenarios, but there are also flights of electronic fancy. Eight imaginary impressionistic portraits of cities we have never been to. Karla Borecky and Scott Foust. Deluxe edition. 220 g vinyl. Cover painting and artwork by Karla; booklet with highly subjective text by me. Postcards from a past that never existed. IFCO march on and on." - Swill Radio."
Tart / Radio Orange / Vinyl LP / Swill Radio / Swill Radio 019
The debut LP from the trio of: Karla Borecky, Graham Lambkin, and Scott Foust, recorded and assembled over 8 months between 1999 and 2000. Tart is an exquisite combination of three distinct minds, much like the skillful structure of diverse, yet subtle, ingredients in a piquant and nostalgic recipe: The Past as well as The Future. Tart blends together these strange elements in an organic yet totally disciplined style that renders many of their contemporaries as either flabby or boring.
Idea Fire Company / Stranded / Vinyl LP / Swill Radio / Swill Radio 024
"First proper release for IFCO since 1997s vastly underrated Anti-Natural LP. Since 2002 IFCO has been performing and recording as a quartet with Jessi Leigh Swenson and Meara OReilly added to core members Scott Foust and Karla Borecky. Stranded is a claustrophobic, sensuous optical illusion. Beautiful. Sad. Epic. Stranded." - Swill Radio."
Idea Fire Company / The Island Of Taste / Vinyl LP / Swill Radio / swillradio#026
"IFCO follows up our highly ignored Stranded LP with an equally, if not more so, strong statement. Core members Karla Borecky and Scott Foust are joined by an all-star cast: Meara OReilly and Jessi Leigh Swenson from Stranded, as well as Frans de Waard, Graham Lambkin, and Dr. Timothy Shortell. The Island Of Taste depicts a manoeuvre in which the beauty becomes more beautiful as the desperation becomes more desperate. A stark and romantic mission to the rocks. Lavish package featuring an excellent Karla cover painting as well as a booklet presented as a set of 5 x 7 art cards with another Karla painting, band photos, and an essay of mine. Perhaps The Island Of Taste is the first LP to make explicit a certain nostalgia for itself. Along with The Shadow Rings Swill Radio trilogy (Lighthouse, Lindus, Im Some Songs), Id put IFCOs trilogy (Anti-Natural, Stranded, The Island Of Taste) up against anyones three LP run."-Swill Radio."
Idea Fire Company / Vital Live In Europe / CD / Swill Radio / swill radio 025
Idea Fire Company / Vital Live In Europe / CD / Swill Radio / swill radio 025