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No Neck Blues Band/ Languid Red Marchetti / Vinyl LP / Planam / planazaum
No Neck Blues Band/ Languid Red Marchetti / Vinyl LP / Planam / planazaum
Armpit / Leisure & The Elderly / Vinyl LP / Planam / ARMPLIN
"As reported by Stefan Neville: "Clayton CJA Noone and Jon Sugar Jon Arcus are some of my oldest and dearest friends. Ive been listening to their band Armpit pouring out infinite sweat and toe jams for 20+ years and I still cant work out what Armpit even is. They are the wrongest band Ive ever heard. We were all part of the same gang in early 1990s Hamilton, New Zealand. Armpit would always happen in rooms next door. They would keep me awake with the eternal strumming of bad guitars through bad equipment, bottles falling over, people falling over, things catching fire and always lots of giggling. I saw them play at a party once where they were too wasted to plug in their guitar pedals. They wrestled with them giggling for about ten minutes and then gave up. They didnt make a sound but its one of the greatest concerts Ive ever seen. Their recordings are always confusing. They display their deepest awful humanity and their sweet, sweet hearts, all in the same mouthful. Scorched hateful noise, incompetent absurdity, smoochy crooning folk songs with poignant words and brutal sausage fingered editing to highlight the horror and hilarity. Leisure & The Elderly was recorded in Dunedin in the mid-1990s. Jon was doing a nursing foundation course and learned to simulate giving a skinhead a sponge bath. A classmate gave him some of her tortured poetry so Armpit blended it with a nursing textbook and disappeared into the room next door to record the album in one go, ping-ponging recordings with two tape decks." It was originally released on cassette in an edition of just three copies. Edition of 300 copies in a silk-screened sleeve." - Planam."
Witcyst / Soibiast Anti-Culler / Vinyl LP / Planam / ANTIPLANAM
"Soibiast Anti-Culler was recorded in 1995 by the winterless north of New Zealands Witcyst. Another monolithic skid mark serving of crackers plucked from the mans vast lifetime archive of sound making and beard. Witcyst makes his music with oceans of constant daily mutation. Machines get used upside down and back to front and inside out. Layers of string, tin foil and expired medicine are saved up to dazzle the eye. Parcels in the post come and go full of nostril hair and pamphlets and wool. What would that sound like through a funnel and a heavy metal pedal? Is the room shrinking? One knock for yes. Two for no. This audio is severely distressed and swollen. It is particularly buried and murky and howling here. Are they voices or organs? Meat or musical instruments? Is that a drum solo or decades of tape degradation? Are the hums musical or malfunctioning? It starts to sound like it was recorded inside your brain and has always been there. Who knows if it means any harm? And then it starts to sound like a basket full of wise puppies. Soibiast Anti-Culler is one of the most relevant works among at least a thousand albums Witcyst has originally released on cassettes and CDRs on his own Extemporaneous and Lifespace labels since the early 1990s. Edition of 300 copies in a silk-screened sleeve." - Planam."
Teen-X-Ray / Spirits Dogroll / Vinyl LP / Planam / xPxLxAxNxAxMx
"A dogroll is a cheap giant sausage of bad meat to feed your pets. Teen-X-Ray came from Hamilton, New Zealand, which is known for agricultural innovation, frosts, fog and Taniwha in the Waikato river. Live cows with windows permanently inserted into their bodies for research live on the edge of town. As Stefan "Smetal" Neville recalls: "Glen Frenzy asked me to join his new rock n roll band Teen-X-Ray at a ska concert at the Hillcrest Tavern in Hamilton in 1993. He had probably already recorded most of the first cassette The Ballad Of Vince Neil using the karaoke sound on sound function of his flat-mates stereo. Then and now I would do anything Glen asked of me so Ive been in X-Ray ever since." Glen also recruited Dusk, his girlfriends German Shepard who howled when she heard sirens. She would bite and claw at Casio keyboards. She didnt share her dogroll. Teen-X-Ray recorded their music on cassette decks, performed on top of kitchen tables and released many tapes on the Plop, M60 and Stabbies And The Rocket labels. Glen and Dusk got a reel-to-reel tape machine, moved to Upper Hutt, making noise long into the night. Dusk got into Neil Young and killing mice while Glen got into home brewing beer and computers. Stefan Neville moved to Dunedin but Upper Hutt became his favorite holiday destination and each visit would result in new albums. Upper Hutt is known for its pig hunting and for producing New Zealands first hip hop group. Spirits Dogroll was compiled from recordings from 1994-1996. Teen-X-Ray is still active today. LP comes in full color sleeve, in an edition of 300." - Planam."
Little Skull / Ubique / Vinyl LP / Planam / LIL PLANAM
"One more top mysterious trace from the Little Skull legacy: Dean Browns album Ubique (i.e. "everywhere" in Latin) marks the passing of time and people. This sense of loss is very present though the whole record; not getting around to saying the things we meant to say and making sense of the leftovers. Screaming calmly, Dean Browns Little Skull has shrunk, even more, until his head is almost just sore meat - this music sounds like it was made to soothe that inflammation. Currently living in the UK, Little Skull is Deans long running solo project. He plays all of instruments, even if it sounds like he is barely touching them and yet, his obscure personal fingerprints are all over the place. His instinctive spontaneous playing finds ways to make them glow and fizz and ripple. The very complicated hand-made cover is astonishing. It incorporates religious imagery and patron saints expanding in space and creating a three-dimensional architecture filled with mysterious presences. Dean Brown is a New Zealander from Hamilton. A joke city to much of the rest of New Zealand, but its feral mongrel out-of-it-ness is well known to those that have lived there. Dean coped with Hamilton through his bands Negative Eh and Nova Scotia and then buggered off to other cities and other countries. After several privately produced lathe-cut editions and a sold-out LP on Elica, Ubique is reissued here on LP in a one-time-only pressing limited to 250 copies." - Planam."