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Konstrukt, Peter Brötzmann, Huseyin Ertunc,  Dogan Dogusel,  Barlas Tan Ozemek / Eklisia Sunday / Vinyl LP / Holidays Records / HOL095
Eklisia Sunday was recorded live in front of a small audience on May 15th, 2011 at Eklisia - an old chapel built in the 17th century in Gümüşlük, a small village near Bodrum. This improvisation features the Konstrukt collective - which is Korhan Futacı (tenor & soprano saxophones), Umut Çağlar (electric guitar), Özün Usta (double bass, djembe, gong, bells), Korhan Argüden (drums) - incredibly enriched by the presence of Peter Brötzmann (on tenor), Hüseyin Ertunç (acoustic piano, küstüfon, gong), Doğan Doğusel (double bass, küstüfon) and Barlas Tan Özemek (electric guitar). The result of the combination is simply marvelous, because Brötzmann's unique phrases perfectly match with the sound of what confirms to be a well-coordinated collective. "The Turkish free jazz outfit Konstrukt might be considered the most evolved improvisational band working in jazz today. Founded, not in the hotbeds of jazz, London, New York, Chicago, Wuppertal or Krakow, their isolation is the key to their success. Well, isolation and observation." -- Mark Corroto, All About Jazz. Edition of 350."
Ghedalia Tazartes / Hystérie Off Music / Vinyl LP / Holidays Records / HOL074
At the beginning, Hystérie off Music was conceived as a catalogue record, an open field where the author could play with all musical genres and their stereotypes, but then evolved rapidly into an uncompromising clash of field recordings, sampled instruments and Tazartès' incomparable vocal eclecticism, made of emotional psalms and shamanic hymns. The Encyclopédie of genres turns into a childish - and sometimes scary - play and the song titles mislead the listener introducing him to a completely new classification. Recorded in early 2000s and released on CD in 2007 by the French label Jardin au Fou, it's now available in a remastered vinyl version - with an excellent cut made by SST in Frankfurt - for the best listening experience of this cinematic electronic collage. A true movie for the ear. Released on Holidays Records in a limited edition of 350 copies on black vinyl.
Lettera 22 / Legacy Map / 2 x 7" Vinyl / Holidays Records / HOL-088"
"Lettera 22 is the duo of Matteo Castro and Riccardo Mazza, two main characters in the Italian noise and experimental scene, building incredible collages of field recordings and abused dynamics. The lucky few who attended their live set at the Dome in London for the Broken Flag 30th Anniversary - where they caused a speaker stack to fall over, almost setting fire to it - saw their potential unleashed and knows what we mean by saying that they have an incredible control of the multi-layered texture they produce. Physical Point is a perfect demonstration of this skill, where the pair builds up a simmering tension made of captured sounds and hissing tapes, keeping a grip on it with the cold blood of a snake charmer. Edition of 200 copies." -Holidays."
Maurizio Abate / Live From The Border / 12" Vinyl / Holidays Records / HOL 052 "
Maurizio Abate / Live From The Border / 12" Vinyl / Holidays Records / HOL 052"
Jo Thomas / Mermaids / Vinyl LP / Holidays Records / HOL061
Jo Thomas / Mermaids / Vinyl LP / Holidays Records / HOL061
Gianni Giublena Rosacroce / Musica Da Camera Oscura / Vinyl LP / Holidays Records / HOL-080
Gianni Giublena Rosacroce / Musica Da Camera Oscura / Vinyl LP / Holidays Records / HOL-080
Les Conversions / Snowwhite / Vinyl LP / Holidays Records / HOL 059
Les Conversions / Snowwhite / Vinyl LP / Holidays Records / HOL 059
Arrigo Lora-Totino / Trio Prosodico / Vinyl LP / Holidays Records / HOL093
Arrigo Lora-Totino (Torino, 1928) is considered one of the fathers of Italian sound poetry. He's mostly known for having curated the anthology "Futura: Poesia Sonora" (Cramps Records, 1978), where he collected the voices of the most interesting sound poets of the twentieth century, but also for being a key figure in the Italian experimental poetry. Active since the late Sixties, he gave more than 200 performances of “Gymnastic Poetry” and “Liquid Poetry” (using the Idromegaphone, a tool invented on purpose to let the voice sound through water) and a series of mimic declamations of avant-garde texts, from Futurism to Dadaism, Russian ‘Zaum, Expressionism, Surrealism, Lettrisme and Concretism. This sound poem in six movements - performed as a vocal trio together with Sergio Cena and Laura Santiano - was recorded in 1976 in Torino at Studio di Informazione Estetica (S.I.E.) and is considered by the author himself one of his most important works. First volume in a series of sound poetry releases coordinated by Luca Garino, comes in a deluxe edition with the complete reproduction of the handwritten original scores. Pressing info: 250 copies on black, embossed lettering"