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Astatine, Ogrob / Oeil Céleste / 10" Vinyl / Doubtful Sounds / doubt 13"
This record is the result of a collaboration between Astatine aka Stéphane Récrosio, head of the label Orgasm since 1994 and Ogrob aka Sébastien Borgo, member of Micro_pénis and L'Autopsie A Révélé Que La Mort Etait Due A L'Autopsie. 6 compositions, created in 2014, mixing Astatine's noise experimentations in Paris and Ogrob's field recordings and short waves in Sydney, Australia and Tasmania. Astagrob. Astatine / Ogrob. Digital precision / Lo-fi fog. Junk sounds / Clean noise. Field recordings / Kitchen utensils. Collect / Rubbish tip. Northern hemisphere / Souther hemisphere. Astral / Holocaust. Table of the elements / Elements on the table. Postal card / Stamped cardboard. Oeil Céleste. Masterised by Nicolas Marmin. Transparent 10''. 200 numbered copies. Cardboard cover by Ogrob. Postal card by Astatine.
Micro_Penis, Schlim, Vinyl LP, Doubtful Sounds, doubt 14
Schlim (slime in alsatian dialect) Micro_penis’ third lp released by Doubtful Sounds, is the final instalment of a trilogy. This record is made from rare recording sessions, stretching in time from 2011 until 2015 at the N.E.M. Studio (Noise Ensemble of Mulhouse) located in the Mer Rouge building, Mulhouse, France. The name of the game, collectively agreed on, was that no band member could be chemically restrained. For a psychotic can only ever be himself freed from one’s treatment, thus expressing one’s inside kept insanity. Another rule stated that during each session, one would have to use a different instrument, be it acoustic or electronic, no matter wether mastered or not. This huge interpersonal tension, through a violent rupture in terms of playing modes and tones, resulted in a broad range of pieces, very much dissmilar from one another. Then the group switched to an autarkic mode for a couple of weeks. They finalized and gave birth to their new weird baby during endless listening sessions and mixing sessions including sonic tinkering that only those who do not pretend to be mad are capable of. Cyclothymia and dementia are hidden in each sound, each track of Schlim. Black vinyl with a postcard. Limited to 300 copies. Mastering by Frédéric Alstadt.