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Tom James Scott / Hilldrop / 12" Vinyl / Skire / skr06"
Following on from the sun-bleached, decayed atmospheres of Scott's previous 2016 release The Carousel (SKR05), Hilldrop brings together four pieces for piano, FM synth, finger cymbals, autoharp, and clock chime. Recorded in different domestic settings between 2011 and 2016, the four tracks vary in structure and intensity, yet remain united by a common sense of stillness and a lightness of touch familiar to much of Scott's solo and collaborative work. Originally planned as a double 7”, Hilldrop is presented here as a single 12” cut at 45rpm and comes packaged in brown paper inner sleeves with a hand finished wrap-around cover designed by Tom Scott. Composed and recorded by Tom Scott. Autoharp on Dewpoint played by Kristina Liulia. Mastered by Sean McCann. Edition of 150 copies.
Karies / Karies / 12" Vinyl / Harbinger Sound / harbinger160"
Stuttgart's Karies produce four new tracks of that brooding, but driving post-punk sound they're known for throughout Germany. Even though the material may reference the likes of Die Haut and the Abwarts , and even touching on The Wipers at points. Karies constantly reframe that sound and keep it very much retro free. These are the last group recordings to feature Kevin Kuhn who had to go fulltime with his other band - Die Nerven. This UK edition of the EP is housed in a gorgeous gatefold sleeve and is limited to 300 copies on Harbinger Sound. A new album will follow in the fall.
Maurizio Abate / Live From The Border / 12" Vinyl / Holidays Records / HOL 052 "
Maurizio Abate / Live From The Border / 12" Vinyl / Holidays Records / HOL 052"
Etant Donnes / Royaume/Aimant + Aimant - / Vinyl LP / Penultimate Press / PP14
Royaume (originally a CD on Touch, 1991) is made up of 4 tracks and is a kind of purifying travel through the four elements which symbolically refers to the light evoked by the colour green, an allegory of the grail and of the light­ carrier angel. As to the poems, they tend to amount to their essentials, as is the case in Matin which is both Taoist and surrealistic. Aimant + Aimant ­(originally as a split 10”/CD on Danceteria,1992) presents itself as a magical alchemical mantra based upon the force of love, the force of life. Two pole like two bodies like two hearts like two magnets. Like true buffoons from ultra – world , Eric and Marc Hurtado succeed in achieving what many sages consider to be the very purpose of magical art : to create one’s own ritual and , being one’s own referent, to become a vibrating point in the cosmos and be a receptacle for natural energy, like those bright patches or that black point recurring in their magical music, real poems­paintings and irremediably aiming , like an insect caught between the circle and the cross, in the heat of the sun in an attempt to merge with the Whole. ­ Stephane Duval.
Keith Fullerton Whitman, Alien Radio / Untitled / 12" Vinyl / Dekorder / dekorder054"
Keith Fullerton Whitman, Alien Radio / Untitled / 12" Vinyl / Dekorder / dekorder054"