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Sweat Tongue / Dark Star / Cassette / Cold Milk / No Catalogue #
A new tape by Sweat Tongue! Dark Star is their first release as a four-piece. Gijs Deddens has joined the band on based guitar, adding slippery lines of low end to their bare bones, broken down ‘no rock’ sound. The recordings on Dark Star are from their second meeting ever. As always fully improvised. It finds the group exploring new dynamics, new highs, new lows, creating some really exciting music in the process. “Sweat Tongue have become a quartet, with the addition of a bass player, but in no way they are now more conventional in their approach. They play some great no wave ‘rock’ music that defies melody, artistry, logic but sometimes it has a great rhythm, loud guitars and a great bass, while the singer moans, groans, whispers and shouts. This total free music, but one easily hears that these four people know what they are doing; this is not one of those ‘let’s pick up a guitar and see what it can do’ bands. Sweat Tongue is a great band, both in concert, but also on tape. This is their best release so far.” FdW – Vital Weekly