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Siobhan / Buddy's News / Cassette / Goaty Tapes / No Catalogue #
“Buddy’s News” sells Maxim, poppers, National Review and Goat Weed Extract. It sits in a kiosk at the corner of urban sleaze and suburban bleach—a fertile arena for Siobhan’s demented electronica. In this arena, Siobhan’s sound shifts ever so slightly. Monster-guzzler machismo is curbed in favor of something subtler and more colorful. Beats bleed out into textures; kick-drums give way to hi-end melodies and purring synths. The snare drum gets so mushy it spreads like Blue Bonnet at room temperature. There are still headbangers, but the palette is attenuated, washed out, bongripped. Buddy’s-News-and-chill is the order of the day. Covers are letterpresses and splatter-bleached.