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Miaux / Above The High Rays / Cassette / Ultra Eczema / Ultra Eczema 196
Tears seem to have made sufficient space for a shy smile on Miaux's latest audio massage, although the general mood remains that of being ”alone in a bar at 6am while the cleaner politely asks you to put your feet up, like all the other furniture“. Let's keep things simple and clear, like in Sarajevo: A and B are the same on this cassette; the audio was created as a soundtrack for a screening of René Clair's silent movie Paris Qui Dort from 1923. Miaux must have been younger than her wild child is right now. Being woken up with Tubular Bells daily as a child instead of the ringtone that seems to be stuck in Antwerp cathedral certainly made its mark… Instead of playing with talking dolls everyday, Miaux had to drill for gold to procure a bowl of Balkan soup, resulting in the beauty her destroyed hands push out of these keys!