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Lost Domain, The / An Unnatural Act / Vinyl LP / Negative Guest List Records / NGL035
"What you do.... You take what you have....a resonator guitar, a mandolin, 3 fuzz boxes, a 5 watt valve amplifier, a 44 gallon drum, some old records....and you acquire a 3-in-1 home stereo with dual tape decks with record and overdub functions....and you tap into what you’ve been listening to, what you’ve been living your whole life, a stream running free through pre-war blues, songsters and saints....and you feel it when you’re sober even, and you do it when you’re fall down drunk....and somehow, over a couple of tumbledown, turnaround months in 1990 you commit An Unnatural Act. And it contains both kind of breakdowns, it has stolen voices, a cover (sort of), a love song, a piece by Samuel Beckett, sensitive feedback, a back beat, insensitive jokes, the sound of losing it, a tribute, a debt being paid in part, a groove found, an entirety. And it’s more noise than you can bear. And it’s deeper and bluer than you can feel. And you know it won’t come this way again.""