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Dennis Tyfus / Summer Whine / Art Book / Ultra Eczema / ultra eczema 215
A visual report of sorts, collecting 64 full-colour drawings from the past six months or so. These drawings were intended as working sketches for paintings, though the latter never materialised. Instead, you can ponder what might’ve been in the privacy of your own home. This compendium of unrealised potential is offset printed and clad in a beautiful letterpress linen cover. Not much to whine about, after all.
Dennis Tyfus / Up- And Downgrades Pt.1 / Art Book / Ultra Eczema / UE239
For his first solo exhibition at Pinkie Bowtie, which ran between 15 April and 7 May this year, Dennis Tyfus has gone back to basics. Using the age-old tradition of the self – portrait, he draws a pathetic yet whimsical tale of daily life and the mundane annoyances that befall him. These inconsequential frustrations are offset by bright and poppy colours, resulting in a deceptively cheerful set of drawings, luring you in. This catalog ue collects all the drawings that were shown during the exhibition, in addition to several which were produced concurrently but not displayed. A4; full-colour offset print. Layout by Jef Cuypers ; introduction by Allon Kaye