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Konstrukt, Peter Brötzmann, Huseyin Ertunc,  Dogan Dogusel,  Barlas Tan Ozemek / Eklisia Sunday / Vinyl LP / Holidays Records / HOL095
Eklisia Sunday was recorded live in front of a small audience on May 15th, 2011 at Eklisia - an old chapel built in the 17th century in Gümüşlük, a small village near Bodrum. This improvisation features the Konstrukt collective - which is Korhan Futacı (tenor & soprano saxophones), Umut Çağlar (electric guitar), Özün Usta (double bass, djembe, gong, bells), Korhan Argüden (drums) - incredibly enriched by the presence of Peter Brötzmann (on tenor), Hüseyin Ertunç (acoustic piano, küstüfon, gong), Doğan Doğusel (double bass, küstüfon) and Barlas Tan Özemek (electric guitar). The result of the combination is simply marvelous, because Brötzmann's unique phrases perfectly match with the sound of what confirms to be a well-coordinated collective. "The Turkish free jazz outfit Konstrukt might be considered the most evolved improvisational band working in jazz today. Founded, not in the hotbeds of jazz, London, New York, Chicago, Wuppertal or Krakow, their isolation is the key to their success. Well, isolation and observation." -- Mark Corroto, All About Jazz. Edition of 350."
Jon Collin / Early Music / Vinyl LP / WInebox Press / No catalogue #
New solo acoustic guitar material in an abstract confessional style from the end of winter just gone, recorded to reel-to-reel by Patrick Crane in Manchester and Stockport (with some source recordings made by Jon Marshall in Sheffield). Comes with a risograph-printed b&w insert.
Wolf Eyes / Dull Murder EP / 7" Vinyl / American Tapes / AM965"
Wolf Eyes / Dull Murder EP / 7" Vinyl / American Tapes / AM965"
Matt Earle, Jason Kahn, Adam Sussman / Draught / CDr / Consumer Waste / consumer waste 07
Matt Earle, Jason Kahn, Adam Sussman / Draught / CDr / Consumer Waste / consumer waste 07
Consumer Electronics / Dollhouse Songs / Vinyl LP / Harbinger Sound / harbinger152
Punk/electro/techno-noise trio Consumer Electronics return with an album of all-new studio material, following on from last year's acclaimed "Estuary English" LP and this year's "Repetition Reinforcement" 12" on Diagonal. Housed in a sleeve featuring stunning cover artwork by Tokyo-based artist Trevor Brown, "Dollhouse Songs" further chronicles frontman Philip Best's trawl through the seedy thoroughfares of crumbling Tory Britain. "Learn Your Fucking Place" sneers Best in trademark-style, aping the austerity mongers of Britain's current right wing junta. Ably assisted on dark cracked electronics by Sarah Froelich and stunningly produced by noise/beat guru Russell Haswell, this latest instalment in CE's state-of-the-nation polemics is sure to be keenly anticipated. Featuring seven new studio tracks, 'History Of Sleepwalking', 'Knives Cut', 'Condition Of A Hole', 'Nothing Natural', 'The Push', 'Colour Climax' and 'Murder Your Masters' (the last track previously surfacing briefly as an ultra-rare gig only 7"), CE now features a twin vocal attack from the Best/Froelich husband-and-wife team, a furious tide of words spat out over a chaotic spew of mangled beats, bracing synths and state-of-the-art noise generation. This is their most personal and political album yet. Nice 180gsm vinyl too."
Embudagonn 108 / Dissection of Chronus / Vinyl LP / A Dear Girl Called Wendy / WE33
Embudagonn 108 is Wataru Kasahara, hermetic artist from Tokyo. The recording covers over 30 years. Started in 1984, continued in 1988, finished in mid 2014. Field recordings, /smashed with disturbingly electronic sounds, echoes of old instruments lost in our memories. Kasahara describes his work in these words: “My simbolism is a decorative trap. you and I are in the absurd game. This music is killed, dissected and discarded music'. White vinyls, printed labels and inner sleeve, one time limited pressing of 100 copies. Single sided LP.
Craow / Difference Between Days / Vinyl LP / Death Shadow Records / deathshadow# 003
The first of two LP re-releases of early recordings by Sean Halpin aka Craow. These recordings show a stripped down, more raw version of Halpin’s beast. Droning synths and noise are met with post-punk and industrial elements. Unconstrained by boundaries, Halpin utilizes any and all forms of experimental music to achieve a thoroughly dark and anxious atmosphere. Originally released as a limited tape on Corpse Without Soul in 2011, Death Shadow Records is pleased to present these recordings to the public again. Remastered for vinyl by J Short, this release is presented in an edition of only 100 copies.
Amelia Cuni, Werner Durand / Diasporagas / Vinyl LP / Edition Telemark / 628.02
Amelia Cuni was born in Milan and has lived in India for more than 10 years where she studied dhrupad singing with various renowned masters. Werner Durand has been performing his own music for saxophones, Iranian ney and self-made wind instruments since the late 70s. He started building his own wind instruments from plexi-glass, PVC and metal tubes in the early 80s and has performed in various groups including The Thirteenth Tribe and Armchair Traveller. For more than 20 years, Cuni and Durand have been performing together as a duo as well as in collaborations such as Tonaliens and Born Of Six. Diasporagas, sub-titled "Ancient Trends and New Traditions in Indo-European Music", summarizes their various musical projects in which her Indian raga singing met with his minimalist and experimental approach. In all of their collaborations, they have been creating unique forms and expanding the palette of their sound worlds while keeping the essence of raga music, justifying the use of the term in its original meaning. The title is meant to be understood as a statement to provoke reflections on our ideas of cultural identity vs. globalization, and tradition vs. experimentation. A central Diasporagas work is "Hiss (mastered noise)" for dhrupad singing, invented wind instruments, Indian percussion and samples of historical recordings by Indian singers. It is partly based on their earlier work "Gramophone Saraswati" which involved replicas of Luigi Russolo's Intonarumori instead of the Indian recordings. This LP includes "Hiss (mastered noise)" and two other pieces entitled "Aqua Shiva" and "Agana Song". Edition of 300 in a full-color sleeve with a printed inner sleeve reproducing the score of "Hiss (mastered noise)"."
Lacroux, Sauvage & Sauvage / Deux Déserts / Vinyl LP / Standard In-Fi / std in-fi 13
Astounding electric guitar and lapsteel solo work by Guilhem Lacroux, the music diviner if any. The thirty single minute-long tracks present on this motion picture soundtrack will take you far-out in this far-west slide show of sonic landscapes and nature scenes. Highly soulful and magic, these recordings are with no doubt the most exciting guitar work produced in a looooong time... Hot off the press! Silkscreened thick folder covers with stamped labels. Comes with Ricoh printed history of the project, green leaflet here. Released 2015. Co-produced with Ludovic Sauvage.
Cory O'Brien / Denser Materials / CD / Senufo Editions / senufo edition # forty nine
Cory O'Brien / Denser Materials / CD / Senufo Editions / senufo edition # forty nine
Tyvek / Demos / Cassette / Fag Tapes / FT274
Tyvek, Demos, Cassette, Fag Tapes, FT274
Death Magazine 52 / Death Magazine 52 / 2 x Vinyl LP / Harbinger Sound / harbinger078
"Between 1982 and 1984 Death Magazine 52 played around 20 shows mostly within the Black Country region of the U.K. Sometimes they played under the name Spontaneous Human Combustion which was the moniker they originally started out with. These recordings capture the core group and its floating membership at various stages of their existence. Recordings from the studio sessions and live sets, including playing to a school hall full of teenage girls at 3pm one afternoon, and as the final band to play at the legendary Equinox Event before the plugs got pulled and the police arrived. The recordings are of a raw nature and should be considered as historical documentation." - Harbinger Sound."
Dog Lady / Dead Souls / CDr / Chocolate Monk / choc.226
Dog Lady / Dead Souls / CDr / Chocolate Monk / choc.226
Idea Fire Company / Days / 7" Vinyl / Plinkity Plonk Records, Swill Radio / plink030, swillradio032"
Idea Fire Company / Days / 7" Vinyl / Plinkity Plonk Records, Swill Radio / plink030, swillradio032"
Sweat Tongue / Dark Star / Cassette / Cold Milk / No Catalogue #
A new tape by Sweat Tongue! Dark Star is their first release as a four-piece. Gijs Deddens has joined the band on based guitar, adding slippery lines of low end to their bare bones, broken down ‘no rock’ sound. The recordings on Dark Star are from their second meeting ever. As always fully improvised. It finds the group exploring new dynamics, new highs, new lows, creating some really exciting music in the process. “Sweat Tongue have become a quartet, with the addition of a bass player, but in no way they are now more conventional in their approach. They play some great no wave ‘rock’ music that defies melody, artistry, logic but sometimes it has a great rhythm, loud guitars and a great bass, while the singer moans, groans, whispers and shouts. This total free music, but one easily hears that these four people know what they are doing; this is not one of those ‘let’s pick up a guitar and see what it can do’ bands. Sweat Tongue is a great band, both in concert, but also on tape. This is their best release so far.” FdW – Vital Weekly
Marianne Nowottny / Dark Souls Need Light / Vinyl LP / Feeding Tube Records / FTR221
When Jersey teen, Marianne Nowottny, arrived on the scene in the late ’90s she had the looks of a typical NJ gum-snapper, but possessed a voice that was way beyond what you’d expect to find hanging out in the parking lot of White Castle, trying to bum cigarettes. Her vocals had the rich smoky maturity of Marianne Faithfull’s late ’70s work, hauled into an off-center bedroom pop universe that was almost impossible to decode. Her subsequent studio recordings have investigated magnificent nooks of post-naif construction, but it was in a live performance that she created some of her most staggering sonic edifices. We are very pleased to finally present two sides of her explosive and surprising avant-lounge meditations The first side was recorded at the Knitting Factory in ’99, with an improvisational trio comprised of Mark Dagley (Girls, Hi Sheriffs of Blue, etc.), Mark’s visual arts pal, the late Steven Parrino (whose work with Jutta Koether in Electrophilia was unbelievably savage) and Scott Jarvis (Workdogs, th’ Cigaretz, Half Japanese, etc.). The fully toasted coil of Marianne’s keys and voice, blends into the sound-sheets rustled up by her collusionists like an unholy meeting between one of Sun Ra’s small ensembles and Robin Crutchfield’s Dark Dark. Messy, smudged, long-format song distention with amazing shifts in tonal center and a truly crazed heft. The flip, recorded with just Dagley in ’02, is even more extreme. Built around a pummel that sounds like the L train blasting straight through Union Square Station, Marianne channels broken Simone-tones and broadcasts them into the maw of chaos. Even in those instances when she chooses to use her völk-voice the results are dastardly, with a feeling so deeply drugged it’ll make yr head heavy. If you’ve never sampled the Nowottny sound, this is a pretty amazing place to start. Don’t be afraid. She was just a kid. -Byron Coley, 2015
Peter Finch / Dances Interdites / Vinyl LP / Slowscan / slowscan vol. 38
Argentina, Boogie Slice & Bright Wind recorded at Heel y Waun, Cardiff (1978). Argentina & Bright Wind originally issued on Dances Interdites, Balsam Flex (1982). Boogie Slice previously unreleased. On Criticism & Difficult Discs recorded October Sound, London, 1985. Originally issued on The Italian Job, Klinker Zounds (1988). Blodeuwedd recorded by Alan Daulby at Portmanmoor Road, Cardiff (1998). Layout by Johnny van de Koolwijk. Photo Innersleeve by Stuart Smith (1994) Photo back cover: Beat Sounds, Plymouth (June, 1987). Photographer unknown. Edition of 200 copies, comes with printed innnersleeve.
 H. Söderström, August Levén / D.I. / Cassette / Forever Utd / UTD15
H. Söderström, August Levén / D.I. / Cassette / Forever Utd / UTD15
Ensemble Economique / Crossing The Pass, By Torchlight / Vinyl LP / Dekorder / Dekorder 060
Ensemble Economique / Crossing The Pass, By Torchlight / Vinyl LP / Dekorder / Dekorder 060
Richard Youngs / Core To The Brave / Vinyl LP / Root Strata / RS87
Artist: Richard Youngs Title: Core To The Brave Format: Vinyl LP Label: Root Strata Catalogue #: RS87 Country: USA Date Released: January 2012
Jason Lescalleet, Greg Kelley / Conversations / CDr / Glistening Examples / GLEX1402
The duo of Greg Kelley and Jason Lescalleet premiered on Erstwhile Records in 2001 with the critically lauded Forlorn Green CD. Thirteen years later, Glistening Examples is proud to present their 2nd duo album, CONVERSATIONS.
Wolf Vostell / Concert Fluxus "Sara-Jevo" / Vinyl LP / Edition Telemark, Tochnit Aleph  / 314.02, TA125"
Realised at Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró in Mallorca, Spain. September 9, 1994. Wolf Vostell: Actions, electronics, tapes; Nancy Bellow: Soprano; Mercedes Guardado; Ximbomba. Co-released on the Edition Telemark and Tochnit Aleph labels. A limited edition of 450 copies in fantastic full-colour gatefold sleeve, with printed inner sleeve featuring photos of the concert.
Glorias Navales / Cofradia Nautica / Vinyl LP / Kye / kye043
Glorias Navales / Cofr Kye is proud to present 'Cofradia Nautica' the debut LP by Chile's Glorias Navales, and the follow-up to 2015's 'Carta a Maureen Tucker' cassette on ETCS. "Glorias Navales is a band based in Santiago, Chile, who combine local folk traditions and paganism with a post-Velvets aesthetic. Imagine Lou Reed, John Cale and Violeta Parra together, doing late night acoustic lo-fi trance jams in a rural area of Chile." (Ivan Daguer) Drawn from live concert tapes recorded at BYM Records, and recordings made in the band's private practice space 'Cofradia Nautica' offers a raw, unvarnished walkway straight into heart the of the contemporary Chilean underground. 'Cofradia Nautica' arrives in a full-color matte stock sleeve with printed innersleeves, mastered by Jason Lescalleet, in an edition of 400.adia Nautica / Vinyl LP / Kye / kye043"
Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura / Clifton Park, NY Vol. 2 / Vinyl LP / Golden Lab Records / ROWF65
“Surely it is the dream of anybody who got into listening to rock music (as a passionate life changing force rather than a head nodding space filler) to learn the basics needed to play an electric guitar and just let loose with everything turned up full blast. The act is intensely invigorating, but there’s also something spiritual at work that has a life of its own – a surge of raw power that only the guitarist can control… Comparisons can be made to Glenn Branca’s guitar orchestras, The Velvet Underground’s “Sister Ray” improvisations (especially when the feedback begins to howl on the B side of Vol 1) and “Expressway To Yr Skull”-era Sonic Youth, but also to the Howling Hex Hildreth Tapes triple that Golden Lab unleashed in 2013… Far out or full on, this is the sound of rock’s past, present and future crashing together and reinventing itself.” The Wire, Nov 2015
Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura / Clifton Park, NY Vol. 1 / Vinyl LP / Golden Lab Records / ROWF65
“Surely it is the dream of anybody who got into listening to rock music (as a passionate life changing force rather than a head nodding space filler) to learn the basics needed to play an electric guitar and just let loose with everything turned up full blast. The act is intensely invigorating, but there’s also something spiritual at work that has a life of its own – a surge of raw power that only the guitarist can control… Comparisons can be made to Glenn Branca’s guitar orchestras, The Velvet Underground’s “Sister Ray” improvisations (especially when the feedback begins to howl on the B side of Vol 1) and “Expressway To Yr Skull”-era Sonic Youth, but also to the Howling Hex Hildreth Tapes triple that Golden Lab unleashed in 2013… Far out or full on, this is the sound of rock’s past, present and future crashing together and reinventing itself.” The Wire, Nov 2015
Alec Livaditis / Clear And Cloud / Vinyl LP / Kye / Kye40
Kye is proud to announce the release of 'Clear and Cloud', the debut LP by Alec Livaditis. Recorded over the summer of 2015, 'Clear and Cloud' showcases Alec's unique vision for extended cello technique across two varying settings. Side A's 'Clear and Cloud' presents Livaditis (cello, objects) and Killick Hinds (Vo-96 guitar) live in an extraneous sound environment, where music and conversation seek to undermine each other in a morose and thrilling tussle, whereas Side B's 'Through The Open Window' finds Livaditis alongside John Kiran Fernandes (clarinets, violin) in a discrete collage of live/studio improvisations that test the elasticity of form and structure. Mastered by Jason Lescalleet at Glistening Labs, 'Clear and Cloud' arrives in a full color Lee Turner designed sleeve, in an edition of 400 copies.
Ligature / Claustrophobe / Cassette / Joy De Vivre / JDV039
Fourth release from Ligature, the solo project of Chris Hansell (Ascetic House, Warthog et al). "Claustrophone" presents two tracks of crude tape loop manipulations on field recordings and voice interspersed with poignant strings provided by C. Spencer Yeh to create a formidable portrait of today’s turmoil in the Big Apple. Released on Italian underground label Joy De Vivre in a limited edition of 100 copies."
Leda / City / Clear / 7" Vinyl / I Dischi Del Barone / IDDB10"
Two-song vinyl debut from Sofie Herner, the younger half of the Malmö/Gothenburg duo Neutral, following up a fairly unheard cassette released on Ingen Våg in 2014. The A-side cut wouldn't have been completely out of place on a Root Don Lonie For Cash lathe cut from the 90's, but the underlying heaviness and overall psychedelic guitar/synth blur blasted through a shitty amplifier totally sets it apart. Flip the vinyl and find a sort of fragile take on kosmische musik, straight from the Utmarken elementary school. Japanese whispers. A homespun scorcher and a completely unique voice in the Swedish underground. Recorded at the IDDB headquarters spring 2014. 200 copies. Black vinyl, white cardboard sleeve with postcard attached, stamped white labels, insert. Plays at 45rpm. (IDDB010).
Dog Lady Island / Chopin / Vinyl LP / Ultra Eczema / Ultra Eczema 234
Dog Lady Island, also known as Dog Lady — monikers of multi-instrumentalist Michael Collino — plopped out of the sewers of Michigan in 2009 via the same skate scene that included Aaron Dilloway, Nate Young and Heath Moerland. They composed their rigs from homemade instruments and deteriorated electronics to create a particular brand of Michigan noise — sparse, horror-inflected and psychedelic. Dog Lady’s early work was mostly of the drone violin variety, later evolving into de-tuned strings and rewired Marantz tape deck antics. On ‘Chopin’, Dog Lady Island turns the spotlight on the dark side of the disco ball, rendering the composer’s famous Nocturnes and Preludes with just a zither and with mesmerising results.” Limited to 300 copies
Daga Voladora / Chiu-chium / Cassette / OSR Tapes / OSR43
Daga Voladora / Chiu-chium / Cassette / OSR Tapes / OSR43
City Medicine / Chen & Liu / Cassette / Acid Casualty Productions / ACP019
City Medicine / Chen & Liu / Cassette / Acid Casualty Productions / ACP019
Raajmahal / Charybdis/Scylla / Cassette / New Camp Records / nc06
Raajmahal / Charybdis/Scylla / Cassette / New Camp Records / nc06
Rainer Riehn / Chants de Maldoror / 2 x Vinyl LP / Edition Telemark / 314.09
Rainer Riehn (1941–2015) was a German musicologist, conductor and composer of avant-garde music. He is best known for being the long-time partner and collaborator of Heinz-Klaus Metzger with whom he published the journal "Musik-Konzepte" between 1977 and 2003, devoted to the musical avant-garde of all eras. Together, they also founded the Ensemble Musica Negativa in 1969, committed to radical music by John Cage, Morton Feldman, Dieter Schnebel, a.o., for which Riehn served as the conductor and organiser. Nevertheless, his own small but impressive compositional oeuvre of chamber and electronic music remained mostly unpublished. Between 1965 and 1971, Riehn was a student with Gottfried Michael Koenig at the Institute of Sonology in Utrecht where he realised a number of electronic pieces of which only one, "Chants de Maldoror", was released on Deutsche Grammophon in 1970. This edition for the first time collects all surviving pieces he made during this period. Included are two versions of "Chants de Maldoror", one side-long piece in a similar vein, and two shorter conceptual pieces. The double LP is presented in a gate-fold sleeve with a 4-sided insert, reproducing an essay by Riehn on his way of composing ("Art and Feces"), and an extensive interview about his time in Utrecht. All texts are printed in German and English. Edition of 300."
Cannibal / Cannibal / Vinyl LP / Ultra Eczema / UE219
“When the hotel is empty before the fire alarm goes off , one could question the staff — or the band that emptied it. Cannibal like their ice – cream dark ; one of their members makes GG Allin look petite when visiting the restaurant, mixing it up with the restroom. This band is the result of a staff meeting between Detroit – based book beatnik, toy thief and original Destroy All Monsters member Cary Loren ; Paris – based, Californian visual artist and member of Gobbler Cameron Jamie; and Blankenberghe-based con-artist and footballteam manager Dennis Tyfus. This meeting resulted in several collage concerts — including a memorable gig at a wedding party where the members of Cannibal out – dressed the bride and the groom — and a previous record on the New York – based book/artist record publisher Primary Information. We find ourselves here, stuck at a rave where the DJ only plays slide guitar on his eye phoam, backed – up by a poet that smells as bad as I do, and a baboon attempting to erect his snake Maganga-style. Two side – long collages that drag you from the restroom to the ballroom, via the deepest armpits of the basement where The Cramps used to do their sit-ups — with their wigs on.” Limited to 300 copies
Matthew P Hopkins / Calls / Cassette / Thalamos / THLMS09
"CALLS presents 11 improvised pieces recorded on a reel-to-reel machine throughout 2015 and 2016. Employing a mixed bag of source material and a half drafted vocal approach, these 11 tracks explore the notion of ‘contact calls’, which are irregular, non-specific sounds many social animals make to maintain contact within a group. The group in this instance includes more than just other members; an expanded cast of objects, figures, nature, and works of art act as the recipients of these calls. There is some sort of dialogue between myself as the caller, and this conglomerate of recipients, but it is not normal talking. I’m not asking questions, responding to requests, or reacting through sound in any way – just simply keeping in contact". Matthew P. Hopkins, August 2016"
Chapels / But I Was Never Much Good / Cassette / House Of Alchemy / houseofalchemy#072
Chapels / But I Was Never Much Good / Cassette / House Of Alchemy / houseofalchemy#072
Alvarius B / Burmese Military Mandolin / 7" Vinyl / Chocolate Monk / CHOC.0000074 "
Alvarius B / Burmese Military Mandolin / 7" Vinyl / Chocolate Monk / CHOC.0000074"
Siobhan / Buddy's News / Cassette / Goaty Tapes / No Catalogue #
“Buddy’s News” sells Maxim, poppers, National Review and Goat Weed Extract. It sits in a kiosk at the corner of urban sleaze and suburban bleach—a fertile arena for Siobhan’s demented electronica. In this arena, Siobhan’s sound shifts ever so slightly. Monster-guzzler machismo is curbed in favor of something subtler and more colorful. Beats bleed out into textures; kick-drums give way to hi-end melodies and purring synths. The snare drum gets so mushy it spreads like Blue Bonnet at room temperature. There are still headbangers, but the palette is attenuated, washed out, bongripped. Buddy’s-News-and-chill is the order of the day. Covers are letterpresses and splatter-bleached.
Tart / Bring In The Admiral / Vinyl LP / Swill Radio / Swill Radio 022 /
Tart (Graham Lambkin, Karla Borecky, Scott Foust) present the world with their second LP, Bring in the Admiral. Since the release of their first LP, Radio Orange, Tart has been plying their trade at various shows in the northeast U.S. Using the same minimal instrumentation as the live shows (two small Casios, guitar, and shotwave/cassette boombox, plus a few odds and ends and the Anti-Naturals trademark tight editing), Tart produces a dazzling array of scenarios, a testament to senseless deranged beauty. Beautiful color cover. Who doesn't need a little Tart in their life?
Matthew P Hopkins, Matthew Hopkins / Blue Lit Half Breath / Vinyl LP / Penultimate Press / PP22
Matthew P. Hopkins second full length release for Penultimate Press presents a curious and compelling listen which harnesses his deeply personal and paranoid vision into the ultimate beauty/horror object. Over the last decade Hopkins has distinguished himself as master of multiple musical forms including bent song, freeform concrete, improvised electronics and techno. Under his own name he has produced a most singular take on abstracted voice, feedback, field recordings and found sounds. With Blue-Lit Half Breath Hopkins furthers his domestic enquiry into subconscious sounds with a series of vignettes that hover from hissing clunk, atmospheric creep to improvised piano refrains. Amongst all this the voice of Hopkins appears throughout as a shadowy narrator delightfully disturbing the sonic play. Blue-Lit Half Breath is a late night oil burning masterpiece which resides within a zone orbiting it’s own logic.
Aaron Dilloway, Robert Turman / Blizzard / 2 x Vinyl LP / Fabrica / FABRICA037
Recorded in the midst of an actual extreme winter weather event, Blizzard conjures the early synthesizer experiments of Popol Vuh and Tangerine Dream combined with the gritty reel-to-reel tape manipulations long employed by both Aaron Dilloway (Hanson Records / ex-Wolf Eyes) and Robert Turman (founding member of the pioneering industrial outfit NON and a celebrated solo artist in his own right). As the story goes, Blizzard was recorded in January 2009 during an Ohio snowstorm which hit on the very day that Dilloway was preparing for a move to Michigan. Alone, his wife and child already settling into the new place, and stranded in a cold and empty house, he was welcomed into Turman’s home. They decided to make the best of the occasion and hunkered down for a few days of late-night recording. Crawling synth drones and looped effects keep things bleak throughout. The wind gusts outside are strangely regular. Snow scratches at the windows more rhythmically than seems natural. Are those woodwinds or animal calls? Are the streetlights obscured by blown branches, or are they slowly strobing? Suddenly a normal house in a common Midwestern blizzard feels like a house stalked by a sentient storm, bearing down for a final freeze. Throw another log on the fire and make yourself comfortable for the last time. Blizzard was originally released on CD by Hanson Records in 2009. This first-time vinyl edition is limited to 500 copies.
Joel Van Droogenbroeck / Biomechanoid / Vinyl LP / Aguirre Records / ZORN19
Coverpainting: "BIOMECHANOID 75" by H.R. Giger. Aguirre Records' first pressing with white sleeve background (second pressing has a silver sleeve background). Comes with double-sided insert. Limited edition of 500 copies 180gr vinyl. Originally from 1980 on Coloursound Library label. Rights Society: GEMA Label Code: LC 4233 Joel Van Droogenbroeck / Biomechanoid / Vinyl LP / Aguirre Records / ZORN19"
Acre / Beyond Cease to Exist / Cassette / Monorail Trespassing / mt106cs
First new recordings in five years from Aaron Davis. Slow-moving riffs and minimal drum machine emerging from his trademark tonal sea. Released on the recently-revived Monorail Trespassing label in a limited edition of 100 copies.
Aram Saroyan / Between Today / Cassette / Counter Culture Chronicles / CCC011
Second generation New York School poet, one-time Bolinas resident. Son of the legendary Armenian/American writer William Saroyan, former president of PEN USA West, partaker in the legendary expedition to interview Jack Kerouac for the Paris Review. Teacher, playwright, novelist, biographer and performer. His one-word minimal poetry shook the literary establishment, his memoirs make us long for times gone by. An American master. On the tape Aram Saroyan is interviewed by Michael C. Ford for radiostation KPFK, Los Angeles 2014. There´s a performance together with Doors drummer John Densmore at the Armenian Music Awards, 2002, Glendale California and an excerpt from an evening at Alias Books, Los Angeles 2014. Silkscreened covers and inserts. Limited to 100 copies. Counter Culture Chronicles.
Hive Mind / Beneath Triangle And Crescent / Vinyl LP / Chondritic Sound / CH -271
Hive Mind / Beneath Triangle And Crescent / Vinyl LP / Chondritic Sound / CH -271
Expo 70 / Beguiled Entropy / Vinyl LP / Blackest Rainbow / BRR243
Expo 70 / Beguiled Entropy / Vinyl LP / Blackest Rainbow / BRR243
Urabe Masayoshi, Fukuoka Rinji / Barcelona Express / Vinyl LP / 8mm Records / 8mm054
Stunning work of radical free music by saxophonist Masayoshi Urabe and guitarist Rinji Fukuoka (Overhang Party / Majutsu no Niwa). Recorded in 2004 in various locations (France, Spain, Switzerland and Japan), “Barcelona Express” brings together elements of free jazz, rock, noise and even folk music, in a way that is magically spontaneous, iconoclastic, and full of grace in every single sound produced. Pretty much uncomparable to any other music “out there” nowadays, these are wild cuts by two wild men, only for adventurous listeners! Released on the 8mm Records label in a limited edition of just 150 copies. Pressed in a beautiful 140g vinyl edition, with artwork by Sachiko.
Richard Youngs / Barbed Wire Explosion In The Kingdom Of Atlantis / Vinyl LP / Sonic Oyster Vinyl / SOV002
'Barbed Wire Explosion in the Kingdom of Atlantis is the sound of Richard Youngs attempting to recreate the sound of a band at the peak of its powers. Homemade in Glasgow to the backdrop of everyday life, nothing is hidden on this record. It is raw, direct, unpretentious, loud, fast, brief. Richard Youngs' 38th solo album finds him revisiting a key influence on his adolescent self. He has had 30+ years to forget and now rediscover the joy of d-beat. Sonic Oyster Vinyl. Limited to 250 copies. Vinyl only release.
Elodie / Balayes De La Main Du Hasard / Vinyl LP / Faraway Press / FP030
Performed by Timo van Luijk & Andrew Chalk Guitar: Tom James Scott / Korogi: Daisuke Suzuki . “It is as though the storm is scolding the foot of the mountain And the petals of the cherry tree fall like snow The moment fills me with compassion The rains of spring arrive and fall like tears The blossom falls like rain It is a world full of regret”
Ed Askew / Ask The Unicorn / Vinyl LP / Tin Angel Records / TAR054LP
First ever reissue of Ed Askew's folk-pysch masterpiece--and debut on Tin Angel Records. Pressed on 180g black vinyl.